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Scientific communication is strengthened in Cuba

Scientific communication is strengthened in Cuba

Havana, June 30 – Social communication is one of the pillars of government administration, a priority for the country and must be promoted internally, which is also what the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) must provide to the external public. Eduardo Martinez Diaz, Minister of the Organization, confirmed this.

Martínez Díaz participated in a meeting of communicators from groups linked to his institution that promoted exchanges aimed at enhancing information about the work and results of the Cuban scientific community, which should increasingly contribute to solving the country’s problems.

He pointed out that the main goal of this meeting is to start the process of strengthening the system as such in our Ministry, which not only you, but also the managers must contribute to advancing until reaching the hearings.

He pointed out that the state leadership has tasked CITMA with promoting knowledge about the importance of science and innovation in solving difficulties and development, and disseminating good examples and the results of their application.

However, he described its reach today in its online spaces and social networks as limited, and called for clarifying it among themselves and with all institutions that practice science in Cuba, including social institutions, creating their own content and disseminating everything that exists. done in the nation in this field.

“We are leaders in science, technology, environment, intellectual property, historical document management, quality issues, meteorology, and in all these issues we have to be very active,” he said.

To this end, I announce that new meetings of this type will be held during the year, with the press and in conjunction with our practitioners, in search of solutions to the lack of media and communication that some communications still have, because I do not know of a conception without a mobile phone or institutional mobile data, so that they can carry out good work.

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He also pointed out the need to strengthen working relations with the press and journalists who deal with the organization’s issues, and stressed the support of the Ministry’s senior management for the relevant activity.

The event included a conference on the new social media law, presented by Humberto Fabian Suarez, member of the drafting council and president of the State Trademark Council,

A similar event, under the title of Communication, Writing and Social Networking Technologies Workshop, was previously organized by the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency, one of the three CITMA agencies. The other two are environment and social sciences and humanities. (ACN) (Image: PL)