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Postgraduate studies in political and social sciences at the Uach Forum for doctoral analysis – El Heraldo de Juárez

Postgraduate studies in political and social sciences at the Uach Forum for doctoral analysis – El Heraldo de Juárez

With the participation of civil society organizations, the public sector, manufacturers, research teachers and authorities from various levels of government, the Secretary of Research and Graduate Studies in Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at UACH He made the first application for what would be a doctorate in political and social sciences.

The forum was to see Social importance of the area The same university, which will have a PhD in Political and Social Sciences, asks us to hold this kind of forum. “We invite different social actors” Comment Daniel Sierra Carpio, Full Professor and PhD Program Design Coordinator.

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In the case of the exercise that was conducted, the people from The three levels of government, civil society to organizations, business chambers and the media, Etc., as he put it. “It’s all about the idea that they will listen to the doctoral proposal and that they will give us or tell us the needs that they will have that we can cover with this doctoral program,” explained Sierra Carpio. .

It is important that they tell us that. What graduate profile do you need from this program? “Then 22 people from different sectors of society came and I think that was very helpful,” he explained. “What was said in the forum continues to be analyzed, recorded for later analysis, and from there it will start.” Define the search lines for the program He added that the topics, graduation file and all that.

“However, follow the steps specified by the university Basically it is the creation of matter, The entire document supporting the creation of the PhD and Send it to the various university councils and technical council for approval; He. She We will start in August next year, “That’s the idea,” he said.

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“The next forum we have to do will be with the teacher, once we have done the analysis, presenting the idea of ​​the curriculum and the idea of ​​the graduation portfolio and so on, based on the teachers, and I agree with this forum so start building thread content And so, that will be what comes next.” Sierra Carpio concluded his speech.