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Raising awareness about mental health in men

Raising awareness about mental health in men

According to specialists, at least one in eight men suffers from mental health problems. However, most of them suffer in silence without any diagnosis being provided.

According to medical experts, there is currently a silent increase in mental health crises for men, especially Latinos.

More than 6 million men suffer from depression every year. Studies confirm that Latinos are more likely to be influenced by three factors: their culture and/or ethnicity, their physical health, and their socioeconomic status.

Doctors say that there is a direct relationship between physical health and mental health. The valley has the highest rate of people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

With that statistic, the sexist culture, and the rate of low-income families in the Valley, it’s more likely that men in our community suffer from some type of mental disorder, says Christopher Romero, a Brownsville doctor. illness. .

“Too many people in our neighborhoods live near or at the poverty line. Communities facing these social and economic challenges bear a greater burden of disease and are more likely to suffer from mental illness,” Romero said.

Some other ways to break the stigma around mental health in men are to encourage them to participate in community groups, prioritize mental health as much as physical health, practice stress management, and exercise.

“Find and maintain this regular review, and follow your health care provider’s advice and management,” Romero recommended.

If you have an emergency with suicidal thoughts, line 988 is always at your disposal.