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How to take care of any iPhone’s battery

How to take care of any iPhone’s battery

The iPhone battery is a sensitive component that can be affected by heat and exposure to sunlight. (Apple Insider)

One of the most sensitive elements in A iPhone It’s the battery. Not only because they may be exposed to changes in Temperature As a result of the charging process or exposure to sunlight, but also because its deterioration can directly affect the number of hours the device can work autonomously.

Proper care can make the difference between a battery One wears out quickly and needs to be replaced early, and another remains intact, so that each user can perform different actions that can help maintain the best condition of this component as possible:

With port inserted USB Type C In new models of iPhone Mobile phones from Manzana It can be loaded with the same accessories found in a cell phone running the operating system AndroidHowever, even if this is the case, it is also possible that users resort to cables without proper certification or they are not the right cables.

Two USB Type C cables don’t have to be exactly the same, as they do not in all cases have the same ability to transfer power from the plug to the device’s battery. iPhone.

This type of connection has a well-known standard called Thunderbolt.

rise of Temperature It is the main enemy of iPhone batteries because it not only affects these components, but if exposed to them as well cameraSensors, chips, and other parts of the device can also be damaged and may not work as usual.

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Because they are directly exposed to electricityThe permissible temperature of batteries is between 0°C and 35°C, and although it is possible to use mobile phones while they are connected to a power source, it is recommended not to do so as some applications can increase the temperature. Temperature From the device.

Although the functionfast charging“The follower.” iPhone It is a feature that allows the charging cycle not to take a long time to complete, and it is not recommended for users to resort to this feature, as by using it they allow the power from the plug to pass more strongly through freighter And even cell phone.

It is recommended that this charging mode be used only in special cases emergency When you want to speed up the process because you have a short time to do so.

iOS 17 adds a new function to control the number of cell phone battery charging cycles and monitor iPhone component health. (Apple Insider)

deterioration a battery It is a natural process that occurs from the first moment the user buys a device and uses it for the first time, so it is natural that he wants it after a period of time estimated at about six monthsthe battery is reduced by 2% to 4%.

The most accurate measure of this degradation is obtained through updates Programming to Manzana Well, when new versions of Operating systems, allows for a more accurate measurement of the battery reality. Deterioration exceeding 5% may indicate accelerated wear and may be caused by some to request Specific or due to heavy use of the device.

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It is impossible to prevent A batteries iPhone Or any mobile phone that deteriorates. However, with these tips, you will likely be able to extend your stay Useful lifewhich will allow it to be used for several years until this or other components are prevented cell phone Can be used correctly.

If users face any problem with their battery before the first year of using the cell phone, it is recommended that they go to an official store. Manzana So you can find help or maybe change this component.