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How to enter and on what dates the answer will be given

How to enter and on what dates the answer will be given

The registration process is open from October 2022.

Department of State America Registration process started from October 2022 Diversity Immigrant Visa ProgramThe year 2024 is called the Visa Lottery.

This scheme aims to issue visas Permanent residence For people from countries in Low migration For North American country. Some of the benefits offered by these visas are study and work permits, as well as freedom to enter and leave the United States.

Created in 1996 under the scheme Immigration Act, with the goal of strengthening the diversity of immigrants in the country. As the computer works to select the winners green card Roughly, from there it takes the name lottery of visas.

How do you participate in the Visa Lottery?

There are several specific requirements to participate in the visa. Photo: Shutterstock.

First, to enter the registration process, a series of requirements must be met, as established Official website From the State Department:

  • Must have completed secondary school or equivalent, which would be successful completion of 12 years of primary and secondary education.
  • A minimum of two years of professional training or experience is required, with at least two of the last five years being employed.

These are the only important requirements requested by the US government. In this Government side Here are all the details on how to access online registration of visa.

When are green card winners announced?

According to the Department of State, winners will be awarded results May 6, 2023 Till September 30, 2024. To check your status, you must: Check your Participant status with the Department of State and enter the confirmation number.

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If you have won the visa, there are several steps to follow. First you need to make sure you accept the green card; If so, the application should be submitted along with the form DS-260. Once the documents are attached, you will receive a summons Personal interviewWith relatives traveling with you -if you have any-.

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