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A US missile destroyer has arrived in South Korea amid tensions over Kim Jong Un’s test

USS Rafael Peralta (Photo: US Navy)

A US guided missile destroyer Visited the southern city of Jeju this week South KoreaIn a new public demonstration of his abilities, local media reported this Sunday Total tension with North Korea.

the destroyer Arleigh Burke-class USS Rafael Peralta He arrived in Jeju on Monday, February 27, and left the island on Friday after “a scheduled visit,” according to information provided this weekend. United States Pacific Command After he left.

Destroyer specified, 9,200 tons It is one of the flagships of the United States Seventh Fleet It is capable of multiple missions, from intercepting low- and high-altitude missiles to attacking fighter jets or conducting underwater warfare with two MH-60 Seahawk helicopters.

You are staying in Jeju Agreed with Arrival of USS Springfield, a nuclear-powered submarineIt arrived at the same island on 23 February and departed on 1 March.

A US nuclear submarine has arrived in South Korea after a confirmed missile launch by the Kim Jong-un regime.

“Rafael Peralta’s visit underscores South Korea’s strategic importance by guaranteeing a free and open Indo-Pacific region, allowing civilian presence, safe access and security,” Pacific Command posted on their website. .

Visits to South Korea allow “U.S. Navy Strengthen relations with like-minded allies and enhance interoperability between the two countries“, he added.

It seems destined to send this new US strategic asset through the Korean Peninsula. A new show of military might and warning for North Korea.

The United States and South Korea are preparing to implement it from the 13th Over ten days of large-scale maneuversThe North Korean regime usually responds with weapons tests that threaten its sovereignty.

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“(exercise) Armor of Freedom It is designed to strengthen the defense and response capabilities of the alliance,” he explained at a press conference in Seoul, which included the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Lee Chung-jun, and the spokesman for the Korean Forces in Korea (USFK), Isaac Taylor.

Taylor indicated that the prelude to the exercise would focus on elements such as “the changing security environment, aggressions by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the North’s official name) and lessons learned from recent wars and conflicts.” During the 11 days of Independence Shield, “massive” maneuvers will continue on the ground that will “regain the size of the Foal Eagle” and be named Warrior Shield.

In addition, on Friday, Seoul and Washington held the Air Force Base An American B-1 strategic bomber and maneuvers with South Korean fighter jets At a time marked by great tension in the peninsula.

The exercises were carried out in the Yellow Sea (known as the West Sea in both Koreas) and the central part of South Korea, and included B-1, F-15 and F-15 fighter jets from the Asian nation. The South Korean Ministry of National Defense explained in a statement.

Today’s exercise “demonstrates the United States’ willingness and ability to carry out its commitment to maintain a strong and credible extended deterrence against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats” (Reuters)

Pyongyang strongly opposes the testing of missiles and other weapons and joint maneuvers by Washington and Seoul to move assets to the peninsula, which it blames for lingering tensions in the region.

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Today, a senior North Korean foreign ministry official accused the allies of raising tensions to a “very dangerous level” and urged the UN to immediately halt the maneuvers, which the regime sees as a “first step”. Constant prevention.”

(with information from EFE)

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