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Entregan premios en Convención Meteorología 2021

Havana Tribune

Physician in Meteorology, Lord Alvarez Escudero, Senior Investigator at the Center for Atmospheric Physics, today received the Scientific Category Prize awarded in the context of the 2021 Meteorological Congress, which runs through Friday at the Tryp Habana Libre Hotel.

Alvarez Escudero is associate professor at the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, attached to the University of Havana, and is also a co-author of three national prizes for the Cuban Academy of Sciences, argued the jury when announcing its decision after the opening of the event.

It even has notable contributions to applications of numerical models, as well as to air pollution and climatology studies of hydrometeorological phenomena, with a focus on electrical storms.

In the case of technical scientific services, the stimulus fell on Professor Juan Ion Alonso, a recognized specialist in aviation meteorology and trained for several generations of pilots, navigators, operations officers of the Cuban airline and air traffic controllers.

Ion Alonso was in charge of the Aeronautical Meteorology Department at José Martí International Airport from 1966 to 1976 and Deputy Director of Aeronautics, at the Civil Aviation Institute of Cuba, from 2000 to 2001, and from 2006 to 2014.

Regarding the third competition of meteorological photography, it was won by Cesar Campos Girones (Professional category) and Luis Miguel Sánchez Arévalo (Amateur).

The agreement program includes, among others, The 1st Tropical Cyclone Benito Venice Conference in Memorial, the 1st Conference on Climate Change and Health and the 1st on Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry, as well as symposia dedicated to weather forecasting, atmospheric physics and renewable energies, agricultural and marine meteorology.

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Researchers, professionals, officials, educators, students and others attend the exchange of national experiences and state of knowledge in interdisciplinary research on the dynamic laws and mechanisms of atmospheric sciences, convened by the Cuban Meteorological Society (SOMETCUBA).

In its current version, the latter arose on January 28, 1992, due to the historical development of the specialization in the country, the establishment of the School of Meteorology in 1965 and due to the traditions and global and national importance that environmental issues have already reached.

Benito Fénés Martorell (1837-1893) was a Spanish meteorologist sent to Cuba in 1870 to take over the direction of the meteorological observatory at the Real Colegio de Belén and is considered the founder of the foundations of the Cuban meteorological tradition.

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