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Formosa’s performance at the National Science Fair

Formosa’s performance at the National Science Fair

In Technopolis

Formosa’s performance at the National Science Fair

Participants from various educational institutions of all levels and methods in the governorate presented their productions at the exhibition The national example of an education, science, arts and technology exhibitionand received 10 recognition awards in total, including highlights and special mentions.

Educational experiences were exchanged Technopolisfrom From 24 to 28 SeptemberIn this 2023 edition, the featured educational proposals are: “Don’t throw me away! I’m not trash.” EPEP No. 302 “Admiral. Guillermo Brown”, from the delegation of the Clorinda region, work done by Dylan Bastian Acuña, Juan Agustín Paredes, and Professor Lourdes Andrea Aquino.

In this regard, Regional Science Fair Coordinator, Sandra ArrietaHe stressed that it was “a very rewarding experience for all teaching colleagues and much more for our sons and daughters.”

In this context, he stressed that what was experienced in each exhibition “indicates the ability of teachers to work in this field and the educational quality that our governorate enjoys.”

And highlight that Formosa On this occasion, he once again brings the county four Highlights and six Special Mentions, bringing the total awards to ten.

Moreover, he noted that “we are improving ourselves year after year, and the level is rising more and more,” and explained that “in this edition, the awards were more demanding, because unlike other years, quality was awarded more than quantity.” .

Likewise, he noted that the teams were made up of students and teachers from different parts of the province, “which also clearly shows regional equality and justice, in terms of the quality offered by the educational system in the province.”

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For this reason, he emphasized that “it is a pleasure to combine the official delegation of Formosa with a wealth of works from different geographical areas,” and stated that “the majority of them belong to public public schools.”

Along these lines, he highlighted that Technopolis is an event organized by the national state, where the territorial state is located, “giving us the possibility to participate in all covered accommodation and food services.”