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Beryl Updates: Hurricane Watch Issued for Texas Coast

Beryl Updates: Hurricane Watch Issued for Texas Coast

The likely scenario is that Tropical Storm Beryl will enter the Gulf of Mexico and move northwest.

This phenomenon could enter southeast Texas as a Category 1 hurricane and move toward cities such as San Antonio and Austin.according to the latest track from the National Hurricane Center.

This is the likely path of Hurricane Beryl in Texas, but the scenario could continue with changes.

credit: Gabriel Torres

However, this path is not final and it is important to follow Univision for the latest predictions for Beryl.

“It is hoped that the path will continue. It is important to pay attention to reconnaissance flights that collect information with hurricane hunter aircraft.” Gabriel Torres, chief meteorologist for Univision San Antonio.

Summary of monitoring and warnings activated so far

a Watch the hurricane Valid for the Texas coast, From the mouth of the Rio Grande north to Sargent, Matagorda County.

This monitoring The areas include Port Mansfield, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockfort, and Port Lavaca, and will be active until Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

These are the cities on alert.

credit: Gabriel Torres

a Watch the hurricane Valid for the northeastern coast of mainland Mexico, From Barra Mezquital to the mouth of the Rio Grande.

A hurricane watch means that conditions are ripe for the phenomenon to form and is generally activated about 48 hours before the first front of wind and rain arrives.

a Storm surge monitoring Valid for the Texas coast, from Mouth of the Rio Grande River north of Sargent.

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city Galveston It falls under a Flood watch From Friday to Sunday at 3:00 pm.

Wave heights are expected to reach 4 feet, which may lead to flooding in low-lying areas, especially in the western region.

a Tropical Storm Warning This measure applies to the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, from west of Cabo Catuche to Campeche.

Potential Beryl Impacts on Texas

for now, The main risk for tropical storm force winds will be along the southern and central Texas coast.

Several inches of rain is also possible for portions of I-35.

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Tropical Storm Alberto is making landfall in Corpus Christi and several beaches on the Texas coast. Although the storm has a direct path to Mexico, rain is affecting the Lone Star State.


Some homes in Corpus Christi were affected by minor flooding in some areas of the city.

credit: Lydia Terrazas


Several roads were closed to traffic due to the high waters. Corpus Christi also recorded some winds as the large system moved in and affected several areas of central Texas despite its path through Mexico.

credit: Lydia Terrazas

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Strong waves were also recorded at sea, as the storm started due to the tropical storm that began to enter Mexican territory.

credit: Lydia Terrazas


At one point, water from the tropical storm reached almost knee-deep in some people crossing the road.

credit: Lydia Terrazas

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A storm surge occurs when there is an abnormal rise in sea level due to an approaching storm.

credit: Lydia Terrazas


This phenomenon also occurs with tropical storms, although it can grow more intense in hurricanes due to the strength of the storm.

credit: Lydia Terrazas


A San Antonio family told Univision they went on vacation to Corpus Christi, but were left stranded by the storm.

credit: Courtesy – Reported by Univision San Antonio

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“The area was pretty much flooded. Thank God we’re already home,” commented one Univision viewer.

credit: Courtesy – Reported by Univision San Antonio


These are the photos the family shared right in front of the ocean in Corpus Christi.

credit: Courtesy – Reported by Univision San Antonio


Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Alberto also brought flooding and heavy rain to McAllen.