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About 38,000 drivers already have their digital brand

About 38,000 drivers already have their digital brand

Of the 171,000 drivers who must renew their cards next September, About 38,000 have completed the registration process and have the new sealwhich is the same as that used in the specified AutoExpreso Antonio RamosChief Technology Officer of the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS).

“We don’t want to keep adding seals to the glass.”Ramos said, submitting the data until yesterday, Tuesday.

Last week the Minister of Transport and Public Works (DTOP), Eileen Velez Vega, announced that starting September 1, the digital poster will begin implementation. This government initiative will put an end to windshield stamps, and the process will be done gradually or in stages.


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Now, it’s up to the drivers, whose tags expire in September, to sign up with cisco digital using the AutoExpreso stamp number.

However, Ramos acknowledged that there was skepticism among drivers as to whether or not they actually had an account under Cesco Digital. In this regard, he replied: All citizens already have an account with Cesco Digital, as long as they have a driver’s license issued by DTOP. What they can do (for now) is download the Cisco Digital app.”

Not all stamps are eligible

Meanwhile, Feliz Vega made it clear There are AutoExpreso stamps that do not qualify for the digital tag, i.e. they must be replaced with a new tag. He explained that the same app would let the driver know if their AutoExpreso stamp qualifies.

“The people who qualify for a digital label are those who start (renewal) in September, and we will go month by month until next year. On August 31 (of 2024), everyone should have moved to a digital label,” the secretary said.

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After registration, he added, the driver must check his car, as usual, and pay for the renewal of the card that will now be the AutoExpreso stamp.

Upon inspection, the driver may be presented with a new AutoExpreso stamp, if the one in possession of it is disqualified. Velez Vega emphasized that ineligible stamps should be removed.

He explained that whoever does not have an AutoExpreso stamp must buy one, even if they do not activate an account to use it for fees, because it is the same as a digital sign. He also stressed the need to remove old marks from the windshield only. After obtaining a digital number.

Change is not optional

On the other hand, the Minister indicated that people who need assistance because they do not have mechanisms to register with Cesco Digital can receive assistance where they usually buy the label seal: banks, cooperatives, inspection centers and collection offices.

Drivers who own a heavy truck, tow truck, trailer, four track, bus or crane must register with Cesco Digital, as they are not entering the current stage of transition to a digital label.Added “Velez Vega”.

He also confirmed that the digital sign does not carry any additional cost to drivers.

“What is required are annual rights to travel on public roads. You don’t actually pay us for a stamp. An average of $180 is paid on renewal.”

And he, in turn, emphasized it Registration to Cisco Digital can only be made by the person under whom the vehicle is registered. “You can only do that if the car is in your name,” he said, stressing the mandatory nature of the process under way.

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“Once we start this transition in September, we will continue until September next year, (when) everyone should already have their digital mark. There will be no two stamps.

Private insurance

Meanwhile, Ramos said so Drivers with private insurance should not worry about presenting the ‘voucher’ confirming this, because their license plate is already attached to the companies..

“Cesco Digital is already integrated with insurance companies. We are checking if there is traditional insurance designated for this tablet. If the answer is yes, it does not go through the compulsory insurance selection process and continues to pay the annual fee.

Likewise, Ramos confirmed that the system is protected against attacks (“hackers”)And Because the numeric tag information is independent of AutoExpreso and the only thing both printers have in common is the number.

If they have additional questions or concerns, drivers can call the call center provided by DTOP at 1-833 938-6777.