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Meteoro was visible for half a minute over Puerto Rico

Meteoro was visible for half a minute over Puerto Rico

There was a bright meteor visible At about 4:55 a.m. this Friday Visible from all over the island, the fireball caught the attention of early risers due to its large size and duration.

“Although most meteorites only Visible for a few seconds This event was significant because the images we were able to take show that it was visible for 27 secondsEddie Irisari, Vice President of the Astronomy Society of the Caribbean (SAC), said:

“It looked bigger and bigger, it didn’t look like an ordinary meteorite,” said Idale Correa, who watched the amazing spectacle from Guayanila while exercising.

The director of the center explained that despite the longevity of the meteorite, it was not space debris, but a natural meteorite, that is, a space rock that disintegrates through the atmosphere. He estimated that it was a rock between two and five meters in diameter, and its trajectory showed that it began to disintegrate 70 miles above the northwest of the island near Isabella and moved east towards Culebra.

Several cameras located in different parts of the island show that it started showing at 4:55 with 35 seconds, and peaked at 4:56 with 2 seconds. “The sky has practically crossed from one end to the other,” said Juan Gonzalez Alicia, president of SAC.

The educational entity explained that the meteor’s longevity was due to a combination of it being a larger rock than that causing common meteor sightings, as it penetrated our atmosphere at a very non-oblique angle, almost from the side, with what disintegration occurred across most of the sky.

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Alex Guadalupe, of SAC, had the privilege of observing it from the metropolitan area, and was surprised not only by its apparent size and broad tail, but also because it showed a turquoise green color, which according to the SAC indicates that the rock contains magnesium and/or copper.