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FUCS is building the future of medicine in Colombia.

FUCS is building the future of medicine in Colombia.

With the continuous increase in the number of programs and students, University Foundation for Health Sciences (FUCS) It is consolidated as one of the higher education institutions (IES) in Colombia with the best figures in terms of sustainability and academic and financial growth.

Currently, FUCS has 82 academic programs, 12 undergraduate and 70 graduate programs, as well as nearly 80 courses, conferences, diploma courses and seminars, both in-person and virtual, that make up its continuing education proposition.

University students

– 12 programs.

– 4 high quality accredited programs.

– Two programmes accredited by the Regional Accreditation System for Higher Education of Mercosur and Associated Countries (ARCU-SUR).

– CES program offered in extension.

Graduate students

– 70 programs (54 medical-surgical, 5 nursing, 7 multidisciplinary and 4 master’s degrees).

– 13 certified with high quality.

– Of the 4 Master’s degrees, 3 are our own and one is offered in agreement with the central university.

“Our commitment to sustainability and growth is demonstrated by the increase in the number of academic programs and students, the continued increase in assets thanks to compliance with the tax law that exempts us from taxes as long as we invest profits during the next five years in a meritorious activity, and the growth of the infrastructure to accommodate students in teaching, research and social impact positions.”Dr. Sergio Augusto Parra, Dean of FUCS, says.

Business growth

The physical infrastructure Dr. Parra refers to includes the teaching building of the San José Hospital, the classrooms of the Children’s Hospital of the University of San José, the Sergio A. Parra Duarte and Manel Palacios buildings, as well as the Azul Clinic, the Los Nogales Clinic and the Da Vinci Building.

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To these spaces located in Bogotá are added the headquarters of the country and sports in Cajica; the headquarters of La Ceiba, in Cúcuta, and the Gimnasio Domingo Savio school, also located in the capital of northern Santander.

Currently under development are a residential building, administrative offices for the institution, a language centre and two classrooms.

In the future, FUCS will have a campus on a 64,000 square meter plot south of the San Jose University Children’s Hospital, as well as four buildings and a hotel, all for the benefit and exclusive use of students.

“The hotel will bring many benefits to the well-being of our students. However, during the implementation of the work, a great deal of tolerance will be required from them and even the patients. Ultimately, all this will lead to tangible benefits for society in the medium term.FUCS University President says.

Thus, the University Institution of Health Sciences will continue to maintain its recognized academic tradition as an institution with a specific training profession, distinguishing itself by its excellence in training highly qualified human resources, a strength demonstrated by the high-quality accreditation held by its university programs.