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El Heraldo de Coatzacoalcos – Most Wanted Health Sciences

El Heraldo de Coatzacoalcos – Most Wanted Health Sciences

  • 10,000 students were not accepted



At least 22 out of 100 high school graduates who pursued admission to the University of Veracruzana (UV) aspire to be doctors. In total, 29,537 young people were left without the possibility of continuing their university studies in the highest house of studies.

On June 25, the list of young people who achieved space in more than 200 programs offered by Max Dar Studies was announced. Only 17,265 were granted space to pursue a degree or artistic career.

The most in-demand majors in the technical field are: architecture, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. in the human sciences: law and pedagogy; In managerial economics: management and accounting.

In the health sciences in the most sought-after order are: medicine, nursing, psychology and nutrition. And in agricultural biology they are biology. Agricultural engineer and veterinary engineer.

The University of Veracruzana (UV) offered 17,265 places in 207 educational programs, which is an increase of 561 places compared to 2020, for which it issued a total of 46 thousand 802 tokens for the same number of applicants.

The cost of each token was 862 pesos, which gave UV an income of just over 40 million 670 thousand pesos; However, only 36 out of 100 applicants got a place in return for their investment.

Broken hopes in numbers

According to publicly available data in the UV portal, 6,884 young people have not entered the medical profession; Two thousand 556 in the nursing profession; Plus 1,0202 for Psychology.

Health sciences jobs are most in demand among high school graduates. Even when the virus pandemic has increased the demand for doctors, nurses and psychologists to care about the effects of Covid, UV radiation has not expanded the demand.

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Law, in the field of humanities, is the third most in-demand profession among students; Accounting follows. Both are presented in an open and scholastic manner.

Six thousand students who set a record in business administration, either in an open or school-based style of education, were excluded. Pedagogy follows, with the highest number of rejections since 996 students will not be part of the university community.

Veterinary medicine, a career in biological agriculture that left 806 young people; Another 605 applicants were disqualified from the architecture profession; 596 of nutrition; 472 Mechanical Engineering. and 384 of chemistry.