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Your horoscope today, March 21, 2023, for all signs of the zodiac

in it Horoscope todayTuesday, March 21, new moon will be on Aries which is accompanied by strength Equinox It has a positive vibration, entrepreneurship and the strength to open new paths.

This energy prefers to be applied, depending on your sign, on some issues.


Today the new moon will be in your sign and it will symbolize the beginning of a new personal cycle that favors you to increase the virtues that you love in yourself. Also to develop the qualities of your character that can be most useful to you, such as acceptance of challenges, courage and a spirit of victory.

Moreover, this lunar phase will help you replenish all your energy and reprogram each of your cells to be healthy. Tonight I suggest you light a sandalwood incense that will help you align your chakras and energy centers.

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Today’s new moon will be in the sign of Aries and symbolizes a time to reconnect with yourself to boost your spirituality. This dialogue with the depths of your being will give you new insight to discover the meaning of events beyond the visible and which you should attach importance to.

As you will realize things faster, you will discover that much of what you gave importance will no longer have that value. Dedicate yourself to deepening your knowledge about meditations to reach a higher level of awareness. Light the night with Palo Santo or Myra incense, whose aromas have great energizing powers.

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The lunar cycle that will start today in Aries and its energy can be predicted for the next six months. During this time, it will be important for you to develop Aryan qualities such as her strength of work, accuracy and practical sense.

This way, you will have the ability to create new projects with your team to grow as a group and without selfish ends; Especially the latter is very important for your new business ideas.

Light the incense of Al-Rawdah tonight, because its scent serves as a spiritual purifier for you and the people you summon.

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The New Moon in Aries today brings vital energy that will motivate you to accept challenges, recover from adversity, and look forward to the future, especially in material matters.

Take advantage of this favorable time to organize the work and professional goals that you want to achieve in the next six months, as well as to activate your skills as a good financial manager and the ability to lead others.

Light up the night with salvia incense, the scent of which transforms energy and restores your greatest vitality.

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You are a fire sign and this is the reason for your adventurous spirit and constant search for new knowledge that you can rely on to move forward. Today’s New Moon in Aries will expand this quality even further and motivate you to seek out those ideas, principles, and statements upon which you will build the next six months.

In addition, you will take into account the idea of ​​continuous training in courses that improve your professional development. Burn amber incense tonight because its scent conveys abundance and increases your energy levels.

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During these days you have more time to rethink the feelings and relationships you need to leave behind to start a positive phase. To achieve this, the New Moon in Aries will help you today, giving you the opportunity to open a circle of sincere, ardent love without creating emotional dependencies.

In addition, you will be able to incorporate more joy, confidence and a vision for the future; Qualities that will make you attract the person you want and build a good relationship with them that will give you happiness. Tonight rose incense, the scent of love favors and aphrodisiac.

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From the days before you were cleaning up to free yourself from the sad memories of your romantic relationships. Today, according to the horoscope, you will already be able to feel fully energized to start a new cycle in this area of ​​your life.

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For this, he helps you to lean on the head of the month and put all your strength and determination into building healthy, honest and strong relationships that do not cause pain, but rather bring the happiness you deserve. Light the incense of jasmine tonight, because its scent brings you optimism and calm.

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In recent weeks, you have taken care of your diet with a healthy diet to keep your body stronger and cleaner. Today the universe will give you the opportunity to improve this with the new moon in Aries, which will fill you with new energy and vitality as it affects the health field of your sign.

In addition, it will reflect on your state of mind, as you will have more optimism and you will feel within yourself the certainty that everything will be fine. At night, light lemon incense, the scent of which is used to promote health.

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Today’s New Moon will allow you to open a new cycle in your feelings where you can incorporate moments of happiness and love. Since this bright star phase will occur in the sign of Aries, you will feel that your energy is flowing freely and that you will be able to synchronize your mind with your emotions to know how to attract the kind of relationship you want into your life.

Plus, because of the aforementioned sign traits, you’ll feel motivated to create forward-looking, passion-filled relationships, as you’ll feel ready to experience it all. Light an incense tonight and a rose whose scent will reach you with love.

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For days you have been improving family life and you are already clear about what family relationships and some domestic situations you want to leave behind. Therefore, with the New Moon in Aries today, the desire to engage with them in a different way will be renewed within you, to understand them more and to give in to their needs.

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In this arrangement of ideas, it will also be important for you to understand that how beautiful your life will be in the next six months will be a reflection of the peace you will have in your inner world. Tonight do some meditation with your family group.

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The New Moon in Aries tonight will help you clear your mind of negative thoughts and start a new cycle in which you will have more mental clarity.

Since this lunar phase will affect the field of ideas, you will notice that you will receive different types of information in order to improve your expectations and goals to achieve for the next six months.

You will also be able to decide which course you should take in order to specialize further and in employment. Burn lavender incense tonight. Its scent will allow you to relax mentally.

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Today’s New Moon will be in Aries and its energy will focus on your sign’s economic sector. This means that you will open a new six-month cycle in which, in order to get more profits, you must apply the above-mentioned qualities of the sign.

Among these, I can mention his daring, energetic, will to achieve and ability to solve problems quickly.

In this way, you will feel stronger and more confident to put aside your tendencies to interrupt yourself when you are about to achieve what you want. Light cinnamon incense tonight to connect with prosperity.

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