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"You just want to imitate your father";  The terrible Morales hit Chavez Jr.

“You just want to imitate your father”; The terrible Morales hit Chavez Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. live one intense talk with the terrible Morales, Well, that last one Compare the son of legend to his father, Considering that he “doesn’t have a fighting style of his own and only wants to imitate it,” he advised him to do so “Stop pulling” and start training.

a few days ago Chavez Jr. He was involved in a tense moment when he was Mazatlan police wanted to arrest him for weapons possession, Thing don’t step, but it brought him great fears. Now it is “reprimanded” because of this Style and life within boxing.

The conversation between Terbel Morales and Chavez Jr.

Through the lives they lived, it was that Terrible made a comment didn’t get along with him Chavez Jr. Well, after they told him that He just wanted to imitate everything his father did, he answered.

“The problem is You just want to imitate your father. Trying to imitate your father and You can’t, wow. You are very tall and very tall. Your dad was a weight undershirt. “You have to understand that,” said the terrible Morales.

I don’t want to imitate him. I learned to watch him in the box, but I don’t want to imitate him, I don’t want to imitate him or imitate him or anything else. I think for myself and I don’t want to imitate him. Maybe at first I wanted to fight like my father, But there are several styles that suit me best. For example, your style, the style of those boxers who work more remotely is better for me,” replied the son of the legend.

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Finally in this conversation, Terrible Morales Tell Chavez Jr., who has already distanced himself from the controversies And bad steps, because he thinks he can give more in boxing, so he advises to focus on training and nothing else.

Hey dude, get training, stop messing around, a leg! Forget the problems. start training Don’t pay attention to peoplePractice, do what you know,” he judged.