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Yanira Berrios is invited to the Pupusa Festival

Yanira Berrios is invited to the Pupusa Festival

Famous tiktoker Yanira Berrios stole the looks of the attendees, who took pictures with them during the festival

Yesterday the municipality of Olocuilta, in La Paz, celebrated the Pupusa Festival for the eighteenth time.

From the early hours, hundreds of Salvadorans and foreigners arrived to enjoy the variety of activities, and of course the gorgeous maidens took center stage in the activity.

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Tourists witnessed the making of the world’s largest old man with a length of 5.5 metres, breaking last year’s record of 4.5 metres.

Those present tasted this after nearly six hours of preparation.

The media reached out to the popular tiktoker during her visit to the Olocuilta Festival. Video: EDH/Óscar Orellana

On the other hand, a celebrity who caught the eye and captivated the public was tiktoker Yanira Berríos, who came to enjoy the activity of gastronomy.

The famous El Salvador with her son-in-law took the opportunity to record content for her YouTube channel and, of course, to greet all her fans who did not miss the moment and asked for pictures from her.

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Berríos looked very sexy, as she wore a crop top that fitted her figure, blue pants, and black shoes.

His joy and liveliness made people stay active and enjoy the atmosphere at the Olocuilta Festival.

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