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Yanina Latorre calls Edson a “fool” for asking to replace him with Millet Figueroa: “That’s why you have to have talent”

Yanina Latorre calls Edson a “fool” for asking to replace him with Millet Figueroa: “That’s why you have to have talent”

Yanina Latorre explodes against Edson to ask to replace him with Millet Figueroa. America Today

Yanina LatorreLam, the driver, did not tolerate this Edson Davila He asked that Millet Figueroa I replaced it. This is after the Argentine journalist Santiago Sposato He indicated that he does not see the Peruvian actress as a presenter for an Argentine program.

“Here it is very difficult to make room for new hosts in Argentina because TV is very harsh. I don’t see Millet as a driver in Argentina, “I think it is difficult on an artistic level to find her place, not because of a lack of talent, but because Argentine television is very closed and the audience is very demanding, it consumes a lot of people who have been there for years,” were the words of the caller in a conversation with “America Today”.

It’s there where Edson DavilaHe asked him, true to his style, if that was possible Pension off Yanina Latorre And give space to Millet FigueroA in Lam. very rude, Santiago Sposato He pointed out: “Don’t touch Yanina, she is the best speaker on Argentine television.”

The Argentine journalist defends Marcelo Tinelli from criticism and confirms that he does not see Millet Figueroa as a host. America Today

The Argentine personality buried what happened, and did not hesitate to respond to a member America Today. Very upset, she called him an “idiot”, and that’s first Millet Figueroa He must have talent to be able to replace her.

asks the fool Edson. Sposato: “Well, it’s time for Yanina Latorre to retire and appoint Millet.” My love, for me to retire and be replaced by Millet, I must have a talent for something… How out of place, please, these Peruvians… apart from the fact that he will talk if you make a note to them He doesn’t answer, he flusters, no.” This could explain whether she is dating or not,” she said angrily in her “Observador” space.

Yanina Latorre calls Edson an “idiot” for asking to replace him with Millet Figueroa. Composition infobae peru

This video was broadcast on the program “America Today.”He managed to surprise Edson Davila. The driver indicated that he did not know its route yanina latorre, But she doesn’t know hers either.

“I have to be very careful with my words, and I have to be respectful too. I don’t know anything about Ms. Yanina Latorre’s profession, I will study her carefully. She said a word to me that I cannot repeat (asshole), but she also had to find out who I was,” Davila said. , who received support from her colleagues: “And also how she expresses herself towards Millet Figueroa without knowing about her professional life.”

Ethel Pozo, Janet Barboza, and Prunella Horna They explained to Yanina Latorre They don’t think it’s that important, because if it’s talked about it’s because of its focus Millet FigueroaIt is well known in Peru. Otherwise I wouldn’t call Argentina, let alone that Marcelo Tinelli.

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Latorre made news in Peru for being extremely disparaging of Millet Figueroa and telling some details of the relationship between him and Millet Figueroa. Marcelo Tinelli And Peruvian.

Yanina Latorre criticizes the journey of Millet Figueroa and Marcelo Tinelli.

In his program “The Observer” Yanina Latorre Took a few minutes to point it out Millet Figueroa And candelaria tinelli, daughter Marcelo Tinelli. She surprised the characters by singing “Father’s Day.”

As for the Argentine host, the Peruvian actress is in dire need of a contract, which is why she is seeking the attention of producers.

“Millette is trying to convince someone to hire her… They both sing very poorly. Why would they do that?” she said. Does Millet think she sings well? “How terrible, desperate for someone to hire her for something because she’s been here for months and months and nothing.”

Yanina Latorre attacks Millet Figueroa for singing with Candi Tinelli. America TV.

tower He indicated that he did not think so Millet Figueroa She has many business proposals, as the Peruvian herself noted.

“That day he said he had a lot of proposals, but no one saw anything and let’s face it, who will suggest something to him if he doesn’t tell me, I’m negotiating with the play, hmm? He called me from two theatres, I’m watching a TV channel, you’re saying something more specific.” But nothing.

Yanina Latorre attacks Millet Figueroa for singing with Candi Tinelli:. America Today.

after Marcelo Tinelli He decided to invite his cousin Al-Tiri to Copa America 2024Many asked him why he did not implement it Millet Figueroa. The Argentine journalist told him: “The Peruvians are very concerned because you are not taking Millet to the Copa America, it is a big issue in Peru.” Santiago Sposato For the Argentine driver who was next to the Peruvian model.

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Marcelo Tinelli He explained that his trip to cover the international football event is not for fun or entertainment, but for work.

Millet Figueroa gets angry after Marcelo Tinelli invites her to the Peru vs. Argentina. Instagram

He added: “He told me last night that in Peru they are worried because Millet will not go to the Copa America, but I will work with El Terre, with Hope, we will bring a director, and we will work.” For networks, for America, it’s complicated, right? “We’re not going for a walk,” he added.

He added: “What I told her is that since Argentina will face Peru in Miami, on the 29th of this month, we can put something together (with her) in Miami until she comes.”

However, the actress’s face changed when the journalist asked Millet: “Do you feel sorry?

“No, why is that a pity? No, no, really, I don’t have to go on every business trip he makes because I honestly believe that everyone has their own space, right?… I have things too what to do.” Do it here “I like to miss him, and every time he comes, if he goes on a trip, of course,” she said with complete relief.

Millet Figueroa gets angry after Marcelo Tinelli invites her to the Peru vs. Argentina. America Today.