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Yalitza Aparicio returns with horror short film "Hijas de Brujas"

Yalitza Aparicio returns with horror short film “Hijas de Brujas”

After his success in Roma movie 2018., reach the platforms New work by Yalitza Aparicio, “Hijas de brujas” is a short horror film featuring Mexican legends and featuring the main actress. Dolores Heredia.

In the approximately 12-minute material, the story of Clara (Aparicio) is told, a woman returning from United State To introduce her daughter to her family, there is a ritual in the house that all young girls must undergo in order to find the nahual, the animal that will take care of them for the rest of their lives.

“We thought about Yalitza from the start, she’s a great actress and she’s perfect for the character…When I met her, we delved into her family experiences, and broke the character. (She’s) very good at analyzing the role from the truth, she’s not that intellectual thing, a bit artificial, she’s honest Too much to get inside,” said the director of the short film, Fred Schroeder.

He noted that during the preparation of the character, the Oscar-nominated revised her lines as if it were her mother, grandmother or sister, to understand very well the work she did. The presence of the actress was also not difficult, since Faride previously worked with her on a project and there was a good relationship between them.

The script was written by Karen Acosta, Mario Muñoz and Schroeder herself, Based on the experiences of the Acosta family, since his family is from a small town in Hidalgo. His grandmother was a midwife who received newborns from different communities. With this concept of a woman’s power in mind, the way they created this story is part of the series of short films Hulu will be releasing this October for. Celebrate “Huluween”, They can be seen in Mexico in The platform’s YouTube channel.

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“They told me to write an idea that resonated with me… and I feel we are there, it’s not just a short entertainment Yalitza AparicioIt’s something we did with a sense and show of Mexican roots,” concluded the director.

After working with him Director Alfonso Cuaron, Aparicio He has done a number of projects, but this is the first to be officially shown. Earlier this year, he also did a movie with Director Louis Mandukki He participated in various social campaigns and as a model for different brands.

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  • Filmed in 2021 in Juchitepec and Parque Ocotal, in the state of Mexico.
  • They hope to screen the short film at festivals and then make a movie.
  • Fred Schroeder has worked in various films, most recently as an assistant director in Noche de fuego.
  • A few days ago, Aparicio designed the new collection of clothing brand Prada.