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Yalitza Aparicio causes shock in the networks after publishing a pregnant photo, she hid it!

Inside the Acting Guild at MexicoOne of the most famous women today is the actress Yalitza Aparicioan activist who currently enjoys recognition, money, and success, but that’s not all, she has also presented herself as an advocate for human and women’s rights.

After the movie was released “Rome” The famous woman achieved massive recognition, perhaps the highlight of recent years for any artist born in the land of the Aztecs, and gained her a large following. Even his Oscar nomination for Cuarón was undoubtedly the spearhead his career needed, which was suddenly making an almost international impact.

In this context, it is easy to understand how each post she makes has a huge impact, since the famous woman now has a large number of followers on social networks because she has established herself as a whole. influencers.

Yalitza got angry after that Recently released a Photography How quickly this trend became is that the actress who also participated in several Mexican short films showed herself like never before, appearing with a pregnant belly, something that caused all kinds of reactions in her fans.

However, after reviewing your context PublishingIt can be seen that the artist has released a publication referring to her work, this is part of the production called “Mujeres asesinas” and as usual, the artist originally from Oaxaca constantly reveals her work process and that of his companions at the time of filming.

Use that famous belly Pregnancy As part of the project he is filming and for which he has declared that he is happy to work in the company of great landscape artists on set.

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This photo became instantly relevant due to her protruding stomach, however, as of now it is not known if it was in the short term. Aparicio She intends to become a mother, although more than one netizen has asked about this and they hope to get answers soon.


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