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Yakima District School announces plans for healthy co-op, remodeling auditorium in Davis |  the sun

Yakima District School announces plans for healthy co-op, remodeling auditorium in Davis | the sun

The Yakima School District (YSD) shared the progress of two projects: a new health cooperative and the long-awaited renovations of the AC Davis High School auditorium.

The district on Tuesday announced its plans to create a new health cooperative that will serve as the headquarters for diverse physical and mental health services for Yakima students and the community.

The project arises in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a presentation, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Stacey Locke, said the pandemic has highlighted the needs of society when it comes to accessible health care.

“We look at this cooperative as an access point and bridge to care,” Locke said.

The district purchased the Health Co-operative Building, located at 331 N. First St. , with money from the Education and Secondary Emergency Relief Fund, which are federal resources that are distributed to local school districts after the pandemic, Locke explained.

Locke added that the building will serve as a central location for administrative services, which include the district’s immunization clinic. It will also be a place to teach classes that expand the knowledge of community members on various health issues.

The area has not yet identified which community health organizations it will jointly undertake these efforts with.

Locke noted that the co-op will open at the end of the school year, possibly on spring break in April.

The area is still in the process of collecting input from community members. People can send questions or comments regarding health collaboration via email: [email protected].

YSD is also making progress in remodeling the auditorium at AC Davis High School.

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Over the next year, the theater floor will be replaced as well as the old wooden benches. Anthony Morita, YSD Deputy Director of Human Resources, said an addition to the front of the auditorium and a new concession area will also be built.

Renovations were approved years ago as part of a 20-year pledge to remodel Davis and Stanton Academy and rebuild Eisenhower High School. However, the hall project was delayed due to budget overrun.

Supervisor Trevor Green explained that federal COVID relief funds were not used in this project. However, they covered other expenses in the area, which helped free up money to push the project forward.

The hall’s renovation cost is estimated at $6 million, but could be as high as $8.4 million with taxes and potential cost overruns, district officials said.