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“Yailin, Most Popular” has come under fire for doing dangerous activity with her advanced pregnancy

Yailin, the most widespreadHe is without a doubt one of the most controversial figures in the United States Social media. Since the dominicans began their relationship with Anuel aatheir behaviors in Social media They have been questioned more than once for being aggressive or scandalous, like that time I deleted their accounts after a series of intense posts due to a relationship crisis with Anuel aa in the early stages of their relationship.

in this time Anuel aa yes “Yailin, the most widespreadThey are in one of their best moments because the rapper is expecting a daughter from the city singer too Social media Much “Yailin, the most widespread” How do Anuel aa They show how happy they are for this daughter who comes into their lives and allows them to have a family with whom they feel very comfortable.