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Yahritza y su Esencia’s vocalist shows his love for Argentina and this is what he said

Yahritza y su Esencia’s vocalist shows his love for Argentina and this is what he said

Mexican Regional Assembly Yehritsa and its essence And it continues to give people something to talk about, for months they have been the center of criticism for statements they made in January about their dislike of Mexican food. In addition, in another video, a gesture of dissatisfaction with the singer Yahritza was noted towards the plastic bag containing soda that they presented to her at the Mexican taco stand; In addition to the above, in other materials, the 15-year-old singer asks her interlocutor not to speak to her in Spanish, but in English; Although the group apologized for its comments about Mexican food, and provided context about its other videos, it continued to lose followers on social networks.

Although the concerts they will perform in Mexico are still on their agenda, network users have requested that festivals such as giddy up, which will take place in September at the Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome; Despite the disapproval of some netizens, the president of Mexico said this morning, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorannounced that the group will perform at the Zócalo in Mexico City on September 15, where Grupo Frontera will also perform, and both bands will sing “Frágil”, a song that ranks itself among the most streamed songs on Spotify.

In May, prior to their controversial statements about Mexico, Yahritza y su Esencia visited Buenos Aires, Argentina, and one of their interviews with the group went viral on TikTok, in which they ask the brothers about their feelings about being in a country they don’t know, their singer Yahritza is happy and happy to be there.

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“The truth is very beautiful, I love Argentina,” he said, while his two brothers agree on how fun it is to travel with the family and discover new places together; The young woman admits that although they don’t do much in the new places they visit, what they do is have fun: “We don’t do much, we do fun things, clown, we use TikTok.” added.

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And they admitted that they were surprised by how quickly fame and success came to them: “It was an adventure, we are very grateful. The truth is that no (they expected success), everything happened very quickly, we did not think it.” “We were going to go viral on TikTok, thanks to all the people who have supported us since day one,” said Jairo, who made the controversial comment about his preference for chicken wings.

Positive statements about Argentina by Yahritza and Her Essence reminded users of comments she made about the nationality of regional Mexican singer Angela Aguilar, who admitted she was 25% Argentine when that country’s selection played the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar: “I can’t explain to you That, because you wouldn’t understand; 25% Argentinian, 100% proud today, we are all more heavenly than the sky,” Aguilar wrote to celebrate Scaleneta’s victory, accompanied by a series of photos in which he appears on a plane dressed in the colors of the Argentine flag.

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