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Would there be Trumpism without Trump?  Republicans are encouraged to rethink their leadership for 2024

Would there be Trumpism without Trump? Republicans are encouraged to rethink their leadership for 2024

WASHINGTON.— Study Election in America It was only a matter of hours before it was already clear who one of the big winners of the night would be: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The next day is titled “DeFuture”. New York Post, the symbol of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. As the hours passed, it also became clear who would be the big loser, and the target of the great disappointment of the “Red Tide” Republicans who never came: Donald Trump. With their sights set on the White House, Trump and DeSantis face a new battle for the leadership and identity of the Republican Party, and the future of Trumpism.

“Trumpism is going nowhere. House Republicans are as Trumpian as ever, probably feeling emboldened by their majority.”Historian Julian Zelizer said. “The only question mark is Trump himself.. Is there a new generation, DeSantis, who can do what he did, but in a more polished way, expand the platform?” he asked.

Ron DeSantis with his wife Casey on election nightGiorgio Vieira – AFP

Since the political turmoil in 2015, Trump has been the leader of the Republican Party. subdued installation, He forced everyone to choose between loyalty or exile, and he took the side of Abraham Lincoln. He made it his party, the home of his movement. The attack on Congress on January 6, 2021, marked a sharp peak of tension in the nexus. Trump puts the Republican Party first Trouble supporting a democracy or party. I mean, to him. As voters followed him, so did a majority of Republicans. The last election left him in doubt. His political acumen suffered. Now, many Republicans, such as Mail For Murdoch, they see a future without Trump in DeSantis. Trumpism without Trump.

Image of the attack on the Capitol
Image of the attack on the CapitolBrent Stirton – Getty Images North America

New Republican training was one of the topics journalists raised with President Joe Biden He met with reporters at the White House after the election. He was eventually asked by a journalist who would be the toughest competitor in the 2024 race. The ultra-optimistic Biden, buoyed by the election results, avoided a response and chose to take a bystander stance against hard-line new insider Democrats. .

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“It’s going to be fun to watch them compete,” Biden said.

President Joe Biden: "It will be fun to watch them compete"said
President Joe Biden: “It’s going to be fun to watch them compete,” he said

Trump and DeSantis are a step ahead of other presidential Republicans. Mike Pence, Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo are all interested in competing for nominations, but they are supporting actors. The race for the presidency is between Trump and De Santis. Before the election, Trump was leading in the polls. But DeSantis fared much better in the election. Young, popular and successful, he embodies renewal, sheds a history of scandals and is unencumbered by Trump’s justice and political problems. Even so, Trump is the father of Trumpism, the manager of an unbreakable bond with his loyal followers.

Ready to turn to the party side. Trump He was obviously injured and weakened. Until this election, few Republicans dared to openly criticize him, and they faced severe backlash. The election evaporated that reluctance: Many Republicans took to the microphones to shoulder the backpack of victory with a bitter defeat on Trump’s shoulders. They called him “poison”, “ballast”, they questioned his leadership and his influence.

“I’m very disappointed,” said Sen. of Pennsylvania. Pat Toomey said he was leaving the Senate this year and hoped to leave his seat in the hands of Mehmet Oz, a Trump nominee he reluctantly supported. That will be left to Democrat John Fetterman, who won the election. Oz is a symbol of Republican failure: a “refusal” candidate pushed by Trump, full of flaws, lost a seat available on paper to Republicans. Toomey didn’t hesitate: “A big factor in all of this is the disastrous character of Donald Trump.”Sentenced.

Trump was targeted by many Republicans
Trump was targeted by many Republicans

The Wall Street Journal, and Murdoch, was very much in the lead. “Trump is the biggest loser in the Republican Party,” headlined an editorial the day after the election. “Mr Trump has a perfect record of electoral defeat as he is unlikely to win in 2016 against the much-hated Hillary Clinton,” the newspaper said. Middle Ages 2018, 2020 presidential election and this week’s election. The editorial closes with one of Trump’s most famous phrases with Chicana: “‘We’re going to win so much,’ Trump said, ‘that they’re going to be sick and tired of winning.’ Perhaps at this point Republicans are tired of losing.

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The unmistakable reading of the Washington establishment is that the Republican Party is doing badly in an election it previously won because of Trump., and the candidates he endorsed. Into that bag fell the “deniers,” the scum of politicians who bowed to their false accusations of fraud in the 2020 election. An analysis suggests that most of those candidates won. The Washington PostBut more than 90 others lost, including three Senate candidates in Arizona, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, leaving one Senate seat in Democratic hands.

Trump’s attacks came from politicians, media, strategists, and far-right commentators. George W. Karl Rove, Bush’s political strategist, said the GOP was struggling to field many new candidates to deliver a message or run effective campaigns. Becky Noonan, History Columnist magazine“Normal conservatives and Republicans fared better. Trump-endorsed candidates fell.”

Trump plans to move forward and may announce his new presidential campaign this week. Whether voters will follow him again is questionable.

Without dissociating himself from the script that led him to the pinnacle of power, Trump addressed all the criticism on his social media site, Truth Social. He recalled the epic of his first presidential campaign, when the entire party was against it, winning with the support of the people. “We are in the same position now. They’re going to come for us, but in the end we’re going to win.” Trump paid special attention to one person: Ron DeSantis, the target of a long breaking message in several posts on his platform. A clear sign of who was the contender to beat. Another: He gave him the nickname “Ron DeSantimonius.”

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Trump credited DeSantis for his victory in 2018 when he endorsed him. He disparaged him as a “mediocre” politician, saying he was “politically dead” until he supported him in his first gubernatorial campaign.

“Now, Ron DeSanctimonius is playing! When the fake media asks him if he would run for President Trump, he says, ‘I’m just focused on the governor’s race, not the future.’ Well, based on loyalty and class, that’s not really the right answer,” Trump said.

DeSantis, who didn’t get the attention and praise he does now, avoided answering. Perhaps, knowing that time will come.

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