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World Cup player with Honduras dies in Spain 82 Porfirio Armando Betancourt, victim of Covid-19 - Diez

World Cup player with Honduras dies in Spain 82 Porfirio Armando Betancourt, victim of Covid-19 – Diez

He couldn’t win the most important match he ever played. Ex-football player and Honduran World Cup player in Spain 1982, Porfirio Armando Betancourt, died Wednesday in San Pedro Sula, a victim of Covid-19.

The striker who excelled in that generation led by the late coach, Sheilato OculisHe lost his life after a battle that lasted for several days at the Leonardo Martinez Hospital in San Pedro Sula and at six3 years His life was extinguished.

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Betancourt continued to fight. It was Jaime Enrique Villegas, a former colleague of this team who confirmed the news. “It was hard for us to lose a friend or a brother. “Porfirio leaves us a very big void, and we will remember him for being someone who is dedicated to everything he did,” Don Jaime, who was captain in Spain in 1982, exclaimed agonizingly.

Porfirio Armando Betancourt during the 1981 match with the Honduran national team while singing the national anthem.

Betancourt played in Honduras at the Sports Club marathon, as he did it outside where he was wearing a shirt Racing Strasbourg from France and Logroñés from Spain. He was a powerful striker and nicknamed “El Cañón”. The former soccer player has improved, but has had pneumonia since last Friday.

Porfirio Armando defended the Honduran national team shirt in the 2006 FIFA World Youth Championship Tunisia in 1977, there it became even known that later, when he was very young, Chelato would take him into account for a dispute World Cup 1982Honduras’ first game. There he participated in all three group stage matches.

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Porfirio Armando Betancourt when he wore the Marathon shirt and the Honduran national team in the 1980s. Images courtesy of

Betancourt became the seventh player in that generation in 1982 to lose his life, joining Luis Cruz, Roberto “Macho” Figueroa, Celso Gueti, Roberto Pelle, Domingo Drummond and Javier Toledo. They were joined by coach Jose de la Paz Herrera, better known as Chilato Ucles.