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With rubber bullets, the Cuban Coast Guard returns a migrant boat off the coast of Baracoa.

With rubber bullets, the Cuban Coast Guard returns a migrant boat off the coast of Baracoa.

Cuban border guards were forced to return a boat with rubber bullets fired upon. Immigrants Those who went to the United States and left Playa Baragova on December 26th At night, a source from the coastal city of Artemisia told DIARIO DE CUBA.

“I was talking to a leader Artifacts, They caught them, ”a resident said in an audio message sent to the newsroom.

“They had to turn around because they shot him. They were shot in point-blank range. They were saved because they were with rubber bullets. If the crew had not suffered a head injury, they would have left, ”he said.

Events followed Dozens of Cuban police officers in civilian clothes They will carry the Malegaon part of Playa Paragova with a knifeIn Artemis, A group of neighbors celebrated the escape of several fishing boats from Cuban border guards.

In Images In the recordings recorded by the townspeople, you can see neighbors standing in the Bordowac area shouting “They went to their faces, they left, I’m glad”. In another video Police watch unarmed agents disembark from the truck.

“The red berets brought people in civilian clothes” and shouted at them, “I do not know why. People were excited about those who left. They were going to protest., Confirmed by a neighbor near DIARIO DE CUBA.

According to new reports received by this writing, The exiled immigrants have already reached the shores of the United States And the Chrome Migration Processing Center in Miami.

A resident of the Artemiseño Municipality told DIARIO DE CUBA, “(Cuban Border Guard boat) Griffith ran into a ship and crashed, but it turned into a curve and fell backwards when people shouted in excitement. Only at last were they able to catch up.

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The captured boat was the destination of migrants wounded by rubber bullets.

According to a local neighbor, “boats always depart at 5:00 am” to avoid border guards, and such departures often occur. “It’s a port of ships that sails every day to spend the end of the year in the United States,” he joked.

“Now the Barakoan people are only talking about it, about leaving, I think only the elderly are going to stay.”Added.

A group of Cubans were in Key West this weekend Recorded the arrival of a boat Playa left Barakova on the afternoon of December 25 with nine rafters arriving in the United States the next day. Among the immigrants was a ten-year-old girl.

While many rafters begin the process of legalizing their immigration status in the United States, the authorities in that country deport some of them each week, as many as 39 were sent to the island this week.

With that group, step Official Diary Granma, 1,019 people have been deported by US authorities so far this year, while the governments of Mexico, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Russia have deported Cuba by 2021.