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Why you should delete the Facebook app from your mobile phone

Why you should delete the Facebook app from your mobile phone

You must delete the app from Facebook social networking site from your mobile phone. With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that the social network no longer makes sense and is just spying on what you do with your smartphone. And he’s spying increasingly in a more sophisticated way, as shown by a group of computer researchers. So, if you don’t use Facebook, Why did you install it on your mobile phone?

Also, the latest news is not very encouraging, especially if you are using an iPhone. Facebook caught “secretly” collecting sensitive data without anyone noticing. Even worse, there is no way to stop this particularly invasive tracking other than removing the app.

Facebook has been caught “secretly” collecting sensitive data without anyone noticing. Photograph: Dadu Rovich/Reuters

It looks like Facebook keeps picking up location data Using the photos’ metadata and your IP address, even if you update your “never” settings to track your location. Facebook acknowledges this capture, but refuses to explain why it’s so bad when users specifically turn off location tracking.

One more step forward with the accelerometer

currently, Security researchers warn that Facebook is going furtherAnd Using your iPhone’s accelerometer to track the continuous flow of your movements, They can easily be used to monitor your activities or behaviors at times of the day, in certain places, or when you interact with its apps and services. Even more alarming, this data can put you in touch with people close to you, whether you know them or not.

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Such as the image location data, eThe most serious problem here is that there is no transparency at all. There is no warning that this data is being tracked, and no setting to enable or disable tracking; In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any way to disable the feature and stop Facebook from its intentions.

Researchers Talal Haj Bakri and Tommy Misk warned on their Twitter account that “Facebook reads accelerometer data all the time. If you don’t allow Facebook to access your location, the app can continue to infer your exact location Just by grouping yourself with users that match the same vibration pattern as your phone’s accelerometer records. “

Researchers say The problem affects Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, although with WhatsApp it is possible to deactivate the function The platform assured me that no data leaves the user’s device. This means that you have to delete the app and access Facebook through the browser.

As Facebook dominates social media on iPhone, This will affect nearly all of the over 1 billion iPhone users around the world. Facebook assured me that we “use accelerometer data for functions such as vibration for reporting, and to ensure certain types of camera functionality, such as scrolling for a 360-degree image or for the camera.”

“Although the accelerometer data appears innocuous,” Mysk says,It’s amazing what apps can do with these measurements. The apps can know the user’s heart rate, movements, and even their exact location. Even worse, all iOS apps can read the measurements from this sensor without permission. In other words, the user will not know if the app is measuring their heart rate while they are using it.”

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The researchers cite the example of a bus trip to illustrate how this data can be used. They explain that “if you are on the bus and a passenger shares their exact location with Facebook,” Facebook can easily tell you that you are in the same place as the passenger. Both vibration patterns will be identical.”

You seem crazy? You just have to remember that Facebook is a trillion dollar empire built on data., and only with data; With Facebook, it’s less metaphors than data. If a company can use that data, along with everything it has about you and those around you, it will.

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