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Why did Daddy Yankee disappear from social networks?

Why did Daddy Yankee disappear from social networks?

Since the beginning of his career in reggae, Daddy Yankee has been very active in producing and releasing new songs in a short time. In addition, at the beginning of social networks he was very active there, so now his disappearance is very amazing without leaving a message explaining the reasons.

And it is that the Puerto Rican singer, who surprised millions, shuts down his social platforms from moment to moment. As was evident, this alarmed his followers, who were worried about his disappearance, though, apparently, he would be in good health because something would have known about him if it were the other way around.

Obviously, “Big Boss” was followed by a lot of people. For example, there were 44 million users who liked his page on Instagram and Facebook, 29 million and more than 10 million on TikTok. So why did he go off social media?

DADDY YANKEE: Why did you turn off your social media?

The People en Español portal issued a press note in this regard and stated that they had tried to contact a representative of Daddy Yankee, but unfortunately they did not have an answer yet.

This is why there is no official reason for what would have happened to Puerto Rico, so millions of his fans around the world will have to continue in the unknown until someone from his environment, or himself, has come forward to explain the real reasons.

Possible reasons for the singer’s disappearance

Looking at what happened with Daddy Yankee, his followers have expressed some hypotheses that they created themselves, which may be true because they have already seen cases of other artists who have done the same.

There are some people who consider that the disappearance of social networks is due to a marketing strategy for an upcoming launch or tour that they are going to implement in the near future.

However, there are those who are more interested and believe that this may be due to the fact that the artist is exhausted and burdened with criticism, and for this he will need some time of peace and quiet in his family.

On the other hand, the one who keeps his social networks active is his wife, Meredes Gonzalez, who has more than 1.2 million followers. However, he has not published anything about the reggaeton player.

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