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Why did Cruz Azul not contract with Jonathan Rodriguez? Ordiales يستجيب

Why did Cruz Azul not contract with Jonathan Rodriguez? Ordiales يستجيب


subordinate MX . League Before the start of the tournament On the possibility of the arrival of the Uruguayan striker Jonathan Rodriguez to Americarival square blue crosswhere he was consecrated as a idol.

This move was taken by fans of Machinewho had hoped the leadership would make an effort to bring back the top scorer from Uruguay, the architect of the coveted league title in Closing 2021

But everything went wrong when America victory Arabia, a board that spent a large amount of money to pass an unexpected movement has been discovered .

What happened to Capicita Rodriguez?

Cement manager who brought this championship to blue crossExplain how the failed attempt to return the attacker emerged PenarolFailed negotiation, to quote ordinalBecause of the intervention of the former football player and today’s agent, Khairrdo Rabujda, Rodriguez I had a certain amount Ml with the LAFC.

“When I returned to the institution two and a half months ago, I set myself the task of seeing different things for what was to come, obviously with many changes that could or could not happen, and at that time I looked about a month before to Who was always dealing with him about He was very forthright in telling me that if he will come out of Arabiche would practically be sold for what he cost plus a much higher salary than what he earned here, nearly three times what he earned here.

Then I told him how his condition was and He told me that he was going to the American Professional LeagueAnd the Especially LAFC, Los AngelesThere will be no chance because they have already dealt with it. I figured it out and there wasn’t a single change until yesterday morning when they spoke to me on the phone, I think it was already an ‘old bull’, somewhat ‘we’ll tell you’, because this he said on Adrenalina’s show he’s been cooking for two or three days.

ordinalAnd that, despite everything, did not take badly enter the Eaglesbecause he asserts that at present they cannot match the economic claims of Little Head RodriguezBecause they prefer to promote other situations.

I was surprised by America, but well, actually I speak as it were, transparent. Despite being a record player, We were not in a position now to meet this expectation Even when they owe us money, that’s an amount we’ll have to strengthen the whole team in four or five jobs.”

blue cross He continues to work on signing reinforcements, because at the moment they have only confirmed the departure of veteran players like Luis Angel MendozaAnd the Adrian AlderetAnd the Paul Aguilar s Romulo Otero.

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