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Who can apply for an ESTA to enter the United States?

Traveling to America is not too complicated for everyone. Although non-citizens need a document to enter the country, it is not mandatory for everyone to apply for a visa. There is a plan to exempt certain groups from implementing this practice Visa Waiver Program, which includes accreditation. This persistence Popularly known as ESTAThis will indicate the procedure to be carried out (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

Under this provision, Citizens of 40 countries can apply for entry through this system, also known as the Visa Waiver Scheme. For example, countries that are part of the European Union can manage their entry through this system.

The Golden Visa has many advantages, especially for those who receive it in the European UnionUnsplash

The duration of the accreditation is two years Travelers can enter for up to 90 consecutive days with no limit on the amount of earnings. It should be noted that once this period has expired, the person is not required to return to his home country again; If you want, you can leave US soil and move to another country.

Next, the requirements to take into account for the visa waiver process are:

If a person cannot process through ESTA, they must resort to traditional procedures to enter the country, such as tourist or business visas, student or cultural exchange visas, and temporary work visas. Each is detailed below:


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