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“While Elon speaks poorly of the economy, investment increases” - El Financiero

“While Elon speaks poorly of the economy, investment increases” – El Financiero

The US President Joe Biden He renewed his feud with Elon Musk, dismissing the billionaire’s warnings about the economy and wishing him success in his company’s space adventures.

Via email, Musk warned Tesla CEOs It has a “very bad feeling” about the US economy and needs to cut its staff by about 10 percent, according to a Reuters report.

When asked about it on Friday, Biden shared announcements from companies that have pledged to expand their reach Operations and staffing.

“As Elon Musk talks about it, Ford is significantly increasing its investment” in building electric cars with union employees, Biden said. He pointed to other investments, including Intel, to dismiss Musk’s warnings about the economy.

Well, good luck on your journey to the moon, Biden said.

Musk was quick to respond to it on Twitter, the social media platform he’s looking to buy. “Thank you, Mr. PresidentHe wrote, with a link to a NASA statement about their SpaceX deal to go to the Moon.

They have a cool relationship. Biden often promotes achievements Automakers besides Tesla, which does not have a union workforce. Musk, in turn, complained that the government was working against his efforts and said he would vote for Republicans in the upcoming elections.

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