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Which Pele Records Are Still Valid?

Talk about it pellet Synonymous with important brands and records in the world of football, since the famous Brazilian player who He died on December 29 He left an important legacywhich is already beginning to remember everything he has achieved during his successful career.

Among the major accomplishments that stand out on the part of O Rei, isThe fact that he won the World Cup three times, a record Pele called and which is still valid, as no other player has ever achieved.

In addition to declaring himself a three-time world champion, PEli left other important records, which are also still valid and which seem difficult to match, at least in the short term, with the exception of one of them, which makes him the best scorer for the Brazilian national team, a feat that was recently reached by Neymar.who is on track to be the top scorer of Scratch Du Oro.

Other current Pele records

Among other records still in force by O Rei, Pelé stands out, which is the record for the most goals scored in history. Well, the numbers prove that during his career he scored 1281 goalswhich has not been fully recognized by FIFA.

In addition, Pele remains the youngest player to be named World Champion, achieving it for the first time at the age of 17 years and 239 days.

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