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Where was Cofece?  Questions about AMLO after faking and cloning Bad Bunny - El Financiero concert tickets

Where was Cofece? Questions about AMLO after faking and cloning Bad Bunny – El Financiero concert tickets

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador questioned the absence of the Federal Economic Competition Commission (coffesi) Before Forgery s cloning of tickets during concerts bad bunny Azteca Stadium Mexico City.

During the morning press conference, the Mexican president described the agency as “A front-end foundation created to simulateAnd he hinted at that Cofece didn’t do anything before the monopoly Ticket master In selling tickets for concerts, sporting and cultural events in Mexico.

“Where was Cofece? What are you doing?” They supposedly created Cofece so that there would be no monopoliesAmlo blame the National Palace.

“It gave us a great feeling to see the sad guys who couldn’t get in (to the concert) because their tickets were cloned, because They cheated. Some are crying, because they have saved for so long to be able to buy their tickets, and the truth is that it has produced feelings in me.”

In this context, the Chief Executive stated that he had already given orders to Profeco to intervene and force Ticketmaster to return the cost of the ticket to those affected “in addition to the excess to which they are entitled”.

However, he said no That was not enoughso take the opportunity to Publicly ask Bad Bunny to file Free concert at the Zócalo in Mexico City… even though he said the government of Mexico didn’t have the money to pay him.

I ask Bad Bunny, I know he’s satiated and tired because they work so much, but I’m asking him to think about the possibility of him coming to Mexico, to the Zócalo, I hope he comes, We can’t pay youLopez Obrador asked.

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We take care of the stage and the lights. Of course, not very amazing, because I used to see how she appeared there in Azteca flying on a palm tree, that is not possible here, But the zip linesaid the president this morning.

The president is seeking compensation for damages caused by Ticketmaster, the company responsible for selling tickets to Bad Bunny shows which, due to malpractice, caused hundreds of people to remain outside the Azteca Stadium during the first event in Mexico City.

The Profeco log approx Two thousand complaints on reproduced tickets: 1600 from the concert on December 9th and 110th from December 10th.

“That would be very good and that All young people who do not have the possibility to do so will enter And so he claimed. This is not his fault It is the fault of those who sold the tickets But he can put in the time and contribute; Besides, I lift it because I don’t lose anything and I know he’s a sensitive guyHe added that it has many followers, and it is a global phenomenon.