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Where was Checo Perez today?  |  Results Abu Dhabi GP 2022 Halftime

Where was Checo Perez today? | Results Abu Dhabi GP 2022 Halftime

a Deserved third placeThat’s how it ended Sergio Perez The 2022 Formula 1 season! Mexican shine with Charles Leclerc of Ferraria great battle for the last few sessions in Abu Dhabi that ended with Monegasque taking over for the insurance Second place in both the last race and in the Drivers’ Championship.

Max VerstappenWith Red Bull, he put the finishing touches on his season Become the racing champion again Today he was only responsible for asserting his dominance with a circuit where several technical problems arose that some pilots like Verstappen himself and Chico Perez overcame, despite his Not so for Alpine Fernando Alonso who had to retire on lap 28.

The end of the race and the season

The 2022 Formula 1 season is over. Verstappen already holds two World Drivers’ Championshipsas well as the fact that Ferrari finished ahead of Mercedes, with Leclerc is ahead of Perez in a season in which the Italians have started with the best carbut they have many problems to solve in the race.

Alonso left the ring leaving the Alps 11 points behind Ocon, which did not have as many mechanical problems as the Spanish pilot. The team runners-up are the Ferrari drivers, His car finished ahead of those of Mercedes, who added abandonment due to a breakdown with Lewis Hamilton; While McLaren returned four points to Alpine, the French team remained in fourth place at the end of the year.

The The fastest race lap went to Norris who led the central region after Chico Perez He scored it at 37 in the chasing period he had with Hamilton to snatch third place from him, however without being able to carry it.

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I left the Czechs with a wish

Yas Marina Circuit It meant for Perez one of his best fights in the ringBecause the position he secured would mark his final place in the Drivers’ Championship. The fight was straightforward with Leclercas it happened especially in the last laps of the race.

Before the confrontation with the Ferrari driver began, the man from Guadalajara had to do so He climbed from seventh to fourth as he chased after Lewis Hamilton Because he entered the pits for the second time to change his worn tyres; It all started on lap 45. Perez battled with Hamilton for P3, Checo passed him in T7 but Hamilton brought it back to him in the second DRS area. Did not last long, because for 46, PĂ©rez did so and was placed third, 10 seconds behind Leclerc.

Now yes, the Mexican’s battle with one of Ferrari has begun. On lap 48 Perez was 8.5 seconds behind Leclerc. On lap 52, the man from Guadalajara reduced the distance of seconds to 6 seconds with seven laps remaining, and the truth is that the Mexican was going at a good pace, to the cutting edge of just 2.5 seconds in the 56Unfortunately, though, at the end of the tour, He met outliers who slowed him down to make it impossible for him to slow down further With two courses to go.

Already at the final stage, the time of 1.7 seconds was waiting for a fatal error by Leclerc, which did not happen and Checo ended up taking 3rd place and bronze in the tournament.

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