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“Where allopathic medicine does not reach is where psychology and holistic therapies come in.”

“Where allopathic medicine does not reach is where psychology and holistic therapies come in.”

In these pages, we’ve introduced you to writers, actors, cops, screenwriters, designers, educators… But never before have we brought a strategic interloper to our conversations on the Nordic canvas. For several reasons. Firstly, because it is a relatively new profession. And secondly, because there are not many people in Spain who are dedicated to it.

One of them is Gemma Martín Herrero, from Avila, with whom we discover what the innovative strategic training technique that is gaining strength in our country consists of.

Gemma was a teacher. But life led him to discover strategic intervention first, and to delve deeper into it later. He tells us that through her he found his peace and comfort. And having verified firsthand the effectiveness of techniques based primarily on therapeutic breathing, she decided to train herself as a mentor.

Through her Facebook and Instagram accounts (_ikigai_coach), Gemma gets closer to those who may need her services to finally find their life’s purpose, as she herself did.

Gemma begins by explaining the essence of some of the techniques by which, she says, it is possible to change the chemistry that reaches the brain, making the body work in a different way. .

“Everything is emotional management. We try to see that what has so far been a nuisance, an obstacle, or some of the sensations we have been dragging through our whole life, with strategic intervention is resolved in two sessions,” Gemma explains her method of action, who defines it as “the effect of therapy higher.”

Our hero is pursuing therapy that “resolves situations that have been with you your whole life” but you may not know how to pinpoint the cause of your upset, such as situations you’ve had with friends, feelings at work, or events with your partner.

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What is the first thing that comes to mind about Avila?

The first thing is peace in capital letters. In Avila I breathe in peace and live in peace: without haste, with time to make arrangements, with time for my life, to walk around being and feeling people.

What do you like most about Avila?

I highlight the convenience of living in a small town with many attractions. It is the capital of a province with historical, architectural and cultural wealth, without forgetting our gastronomy.

As for the province, it is rich and varied in landscape: La Moraña, Valle del Tiétar, Valle de Iruelas, Sierra de Gredos … Mountain and easy to enjoy the activities that each region offers at any time of the year.

And what less?

I know that there are various small businesses with interesting activity for our city, but I would still say the lack of job opportunities.

We depend a lot on tourism and we must try to diversify the business offer in Avila.

A place in town to get lost.

just one? If I had to choose… Paseo del Rastro on any night, be it summer, fall, winter or spring. This place has a special magic for me every day.

I remember dropping my kids off at school in the morning and making my way home along the Rastro, stretching the path, to enjoy the light, the view of the valley and the mountains…beautiful!

A memory from his childhood.

Summer afternoons I ride my bike around the neighborhood. It was a feeling of absolute freedom to spend long summer afternoons enjoying the sun, the good weather (before, summer was more bearable than now in Avila too), your friends, your time without haste, without school…

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Character from Avila featured him.

Emilio Rodríguez Almeida, historian and archaeologist. A figure spanning two centuries from whom we, Ávila, have been able to enjoy both his lectures and his studies of our city and his presence since he was one of Ávila’s neighbors.

The biggest change Avila needs is…

Greater business and employment offers, private and public, because that brings with it other types of offers that enrich the city and, as a result, all residents and in all areas of their lives.

You must keep…

Those facilities that a small town provides in some aspects such as living a more relaxed life, being able to do all the necessary paperwork in one morning, for example, being able to raise your children without haste and for those who love to do sports. ..

What do you think of the city today?

Someone who lived here for a short time told me: “In Avila, it seems like nothing ever happened.” And it seems right, even though we know it isn’t. This city is as alive as any other because people live in it.

When I went back to other cities where I lived, I was surprised at the change I see in them and here, in Avila, not much has changed except that the city has grown in size.

How do you see the city in the future?

If you continue as before…exactly the same. Young people will have to continue to go out not only to study outside Avila but also to work and live and settle and give wealth and population with what entails on the level of taxation and other matters, to other cities.

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What can you contribute to the city?

New business first. One of the interesting ways of life found in Avila.

Although the most important thing of all is to provide a quality of life for its inhabitants, because I propose a treatment that allows people to focus their lives from another point of view, that is, to realize who you are and what you want to do in this life and in your life.

Read the full interview in the print edition of Diario de Ávila.