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When they bought a house in America and visited it, they unexpectedly saw a crazy scene

When they bought a house in America and visited it, they unexpectedly saw a crazy scene

It sounds like a comedy movie story, but it’s real A family from Maryland lives on She was looking forward to settling into her new home. However, while passing the house, they noticed something unusual.

A couple signed an agreement to buy a house with bank financing She was surprised to see a U-Haul truck in the driveway. It’s about two people who move into what’s supposed to be their new home, and are then uprooted, refusing to listen to the rightful owners.

The squatters refuse to vacate the house despite the authorities discovering alleged irregularities in the lease.Screenshot-WUSA9 – Screenshot-WUSA9

Now the first thing the owners did was call the real estate agent who managed the house to find out what was going on. They also did so fearing an attack by the aggressors. “It looks like someone tried to take over the entire property.”said real estate agent Melia King WUSA 9.

When the police arrived at the house, The alleged trespassers contended that they had a lease, when the new residents presented their contract, he assumed the house had already been seized and vacated. Officials said Disputes must be resolved in court Because it was a civil conflict, they could not cooperate with the evacuation.

According to the same media, A day after the couple signed the contract, the settlers arrived at the house Now they have put up signs to keep people away. This fact has irritated the buyers, who are already considering legal action against the bank.

WUSA 9 Kamal spoke to Nawash, a lawyer dedicated to representing people who experience such an invasion of their new homes. The expert assured that this is an increasingly common form They take advantage of how long it takes to resolve these disputes before the courts, and in the meantime, they live in foreclosed homes.

A couple of new owners are unsure of their Prince George's County home being illegally occupied.
A couple of new owners are unsure of their Prince George’s County home being illegally occupied.Screenshot-WUSA9 – Screenshot-WUSA9

“What was a month ago, now we’re talking months and $10 to $20,000 in legal fees,” he said of the legal process and how violations are handled.

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As a precaution, advocates recommend that families begin the process of buying a home with a preexisting condition history. Appoint a guardian To prevent them from occupying it illegally when they complete their documents and move.

“It’s like they’re protecting criminals, not those who really need protection.”said real estate agent Melia King foxnewsMentions complex legal processes that keep new owners in limbo.

I hope they speed up the arrest warrants or do something to move these people “They obviously came into this house and maybe made some changes in the laws so that the homeowners, the taxpayers, don’t have the burden of going through a process like this,” said Vyvetra Jordan, a realtor with Home Team Realty Group.