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When does it snow in New York? Cold, rainy and windy for Christmas Eve – NBC New York (47)

What you need to know

  • A powerful winter storm has prompted weather warnings across the United States, coastal flooding and downed trees in parts of Long Island, Queens and the Jersey Shore. The trip gets more confusing.
  • More than 120,000 people in the tri-state area lost power Friday morning, with Connecticut accounting for the lion’s share of the outages. However, colder temperatures could cause more problems, so keep an eye on the weather over the weekend.
  • A wind chill advisory is in effect for most of central and northwestern New Jersey with an outside wind chill of -10 to -20, which can cause frostbite on exposed skin within 30 minutes.

NEW YORK — A monster winter storm that has plagued holiday travel across the United States intensified Friday, sending floods into New York and parts of New Jersey, toppling trees in Connecticut and bringing parts of the country to a standstill at worst.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency It encouraged travelers to move ahead or delay their plans before the storm hits the Big Apple. The storm brought winds of up to 60 miles per hour and rain that inundated coastal areas with up to 3 feet of water.

Now we have black ice to worry about. Bridges and overpasses are the first to freeze, and black ice is almost impossible to see. If the road is wet or looks like a puddle, assume it’s icy.

How does black ice form and how to be careful?

Reports came in early Friday morning of several cars stranded during high tide in Freeport, Long Island. There were no immediate injuries. In the city, crews prioritized areas of southern Queens that were hardest hit by the morning high tide. Residual flooding will resolve when the tide recedes. Friday night wasn’t expected to be so bad.

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The winter blockade began Thursday, and while other parts of the country experienced blizzard-like conditions, it didn’t feel like a winter storm inland until Friday night, when temperatures dropped and wind chills dropped to zero. At times it felt like a thunderstorm, with weather warnings in some parts of the city and reports of coastal and metro flooding.

High tides and storm surges can cause 1-3 feet of flooding in low-lying areas at high tide. This could cause road closures and widespread flooding in low-lying areas near the coast, but some flooding may spread inland from the coasts, so keep an eye on the weather.

Check weather alerts near you here.

Here are the pictures.

Gusts along the I-95 corridor could exceed 50 mph, be strong enough to cause damage and lead to power outages, which could be dangerous if they persist due to the approaching freezing weather.

Almost 100,000 people in KhanEcchicut was without power mid-Friday, and about 31,000 people were without power in New York. New Jersey saw fewer than 2,000 outages, but the worst winds had yet to arrive.

Wind advisories remain in effect for the entire tri-state area through Friday night. Sustained winds of 20-30 mph. There is a constant risk of power outages and falling trees.

Temperatures will drop by around 30 degrees in a few hours as dangerous arctic air moves in. Wind chills will drop to zero or less before dark, with temperatures in the 20s Friday night, and a wind chill advisory is in effect for much of central and northwestern New Jersey and parts of the Hudson Valley.

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At Authority in Time, we bring you team coverage in New York and New Jersey with Luis Alejandro Medina, Ana Ledo and Alfredo Acosta.

Any wet surface, including roads, can quickly turn to snow by the time many people hit the road on Christmas Eve or even the night before. Wind chill advisories are in effect for much of central and northwestern New Jersey with outside wind chills of -10 to -20, which can cause frostbite on exposed skin within 30 minutes.

It is expected to be one of the best Christmases we have celebrated in over 20 years.

Yolanda Vásquez with details.

Now what is expected

The Christmas weekend will be sunny but windy and very cold, possibly the coldest in decades. Temperatures are not expected to reach freezing or high until next Tuesday. However, a “dangerous” cold front could move out of the area by Monday afternoon.

Temperatures will moderate early next week, so it will be cooler, but we’ll be out of the “dangerous” zone by Monday afternoon. By the end of the week we’ll be closer to average, so plot twist: it looks like we’ll be back in the 50s for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The Sanitation Department is salting streets to prevent black ice, and for the first time, the city is also salting bike lanes. Officials are asking travelers to stay off the roads and use public transportation if possible.

With the long-range forecast predicting highs of 50 degrees for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, we should again exceed that mark to close out the year.

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Weather forecast