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WhatsApp will have reactions with emojis on messages

WhatsApp will have reactions with emojis on messages

Everything seems to indicate that the famous Application from The WhatsApp It’s preparing for launch to put reactions with emojis on messages, as it did on Messenger and Instagram.

That’s right, WhatsApp is preparing to launch Interactions to the messages on the platform, and as you might remember, it is already in many applications such as Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

It was recently announced that the instant messaging platform WhatsApp is working to see reaction information on trusses In the app, as they are in other apps like Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to WABeta Info, which filters information about app updates, feedback in messages is in the beta phase and will arrive at the end of the year for all users.

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Previously, we have shared some messaging app-specific tricks on how to create bulk or custom emojis, however, the user must have GBboard keyboard installed, which is an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

This is how they declared that the way to reply to a message will be simpler, just click the button for a few seconds and the icons will appear to interact with many emojis like “like” or “red heart”, it will be 6 different, but the user will only be able On determining one reaction.

It is worth noting that it will be enabled in individual conversations as well as in group conversations.

On the other hand, the website indicated that they are still in the beta stage, however, the user will have to register as a beta tester to get the job.

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While using Android, users have to go into the app, choose the option to become a beta tester, they have to accept the terms of the app and wait for the download to start, while for iPhone they have to download TestFlight and order the beta version of the app.

It is worth noting that the emoji in the application are images that users use to express with greater focus the feelings that are shared with others, as the users’ favorite is the emoji of the smiling face with tears, the face of love, the crying little face, as well as the kissing face.

However, they recently provided some details about the WhatsApp application, as they confirmed that the application plans to launch reactions with emojis on messages, which caused an uproar, given that it is present in Messenger, Instagram and Facebook.