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WhatsApp will allow you to hide that you are 'Online'

WhatsApp will allow you to hide that you are ‘Online’

The WhatsApp

As it was announced, WhatsApp is working on a function that enables users to hide if they are online, which is one of the most expected functionality of users in terms of privacy and which has undoubtedly been claimed for a long time. Once implemented, it will allow to hide the activity status completely, which is not possible within the app until now.

Over the past few years, WhatsApp has become the messaging service par excellence in the world. As the user base continues to grow, the app, which is owned by Meta, includes changes and new features all the time with the aim of improving the user experience.

Despite the various variables that have been added, there is a feature that has been part of other applications for a long time and is still not in service: the ability to hide a user’s connection. Finally, WhatsApp will integrate it.

How to hide if you are online on WhatsApp

The information was disclosed by the specialized website WABetaInfo. The feature is currently in beta testing stage and cannot be used by Android or iOS users, but it is expected to roll out to everyone in the near future.

The new option will be included in the privacy settings. Contrary to what is currently displayed inside this section, the possibility to configure will appear from a menu called “Last time and online”.

Inside, users will be able to choose who they allowed to see when they were last connected and their online status. Possibilities include that this information is shown to everyone, or that only contacts can see it, or some specific contacts, or that no one can access it. Regarding the online status, the user will be able to choose between being visible to all or adopting the same configuration as the time of the ‘last connected’.

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It is important to remember that currently you can decide not to show the time of the last connection or that only contacts see it. The same goes for the profile picture. This new functionality will be in addition to the above possibilities.

There is no known release date for the update yet, as the new option is still in development and no drop has been released by the time it might come out of test mode. In addition to the above, this new version will allow to enable WhatsApp status so that everyone can see it.

Companion Mode: The new WhatsApp feature

It is not the only function that WhatsApp has surprised its customers with. Meta is also integrating a new capability for the messaging service called Companion Mode. It is about being able to link the account to another mobile device, without having to be connected to the Internet on the main cell phone. This way, the user can choose to use their account on another cell phone if necessary and will not require any additional activation once the process is configured.

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