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WhatsApp Ringtones: This is what MSN Messenger could sound like

WhatsApp Ringtones: This is what MSN Messenger could sound like

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Whether in fashion, video games, movies or TV series, it’s all about making a splash vintage retro It is widely accepted by the generation that until not so long ago they were teenagers and are now parents. Well, to this trend of restoring the old social networks, social networks have been added because we own you The trick to make WhatsApp look like the old MSN Messenger.

This messaging system marked an entire generation at the beginning of this century, and we can say that it was the first social network in which you could communicate via text messages with a list of contacts whose emails belonged to the Hotmail domain. The thing that is especially remembered in MSN Messenger is the buzzing and the sound What did you do when you received a message and now You can recreate it The WhatsApp.

What is MSN Messenger?

Maybe you’re too young to know, but MSN Messenger was launched in 1999 As the first messaging app of its kind, it was a real phenomenon. It was used on a computer Because there were no smartphones, and you could spend hours sitting in front of the screen and having simple conversations, because in the beginning there was only text and some emojis.

Over time, they were added to messenger New functions such as sounds, emoticons, buzzes and the option to customize the windows of each chat by changing backgrounds and fonts.

This program can be considered Apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp And even social networks like Facebook and Twitter Instagram and TikTok, where they established the foundations for real-time content delivery and distribution, but By 2013 it disappeared Because of the strong competition.

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WhatsApp Trick: How to Install MSN Messenger Ringtone

  1. Search the Internet for the sound under the name “Tucutín de MSN Messenger”.
  2. Download this ringtone in MP3 format And store it in the cell phone where you want to apply it.
  3. since downloading it, Open WhatsApp and click Adjust (Three dots icon in the upper right corner).
  4. Select Section Settings Then click Notices.
  5. You must choose the option notification tone, which will display a list of the sounds available on your phone.
  6. Here you must select the sound “Tocotin” which you downloaded in the first step, Save Changes And that’s it.

If you follow this process literally You can enjoy MSN Messenger old ringtone on WhatsApp When you get a notification, you will enjoy this old vibe and remember the happy times.