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WhatsApp for iPhone now lets you send photos and videos in high resolution by default

WhatsApp for iPhone now lets you send photos and videos in high resolution by default

iPhone users will always be able to send photos and videos in the best quality. Zachary Schorer/DPA – Archive
WhatsApp for iPhone now lets you set sending photos and videos in high resolution by default. This means that users will always receive the high-quality content they send to their contacts without having to manually select the HD option. The platform has also increased the length of videos and statuses to 60 seconds.

iOS users can set the default HD option on their photos and videos on WhatsApp like this:

This new feature is only enabled on iPhone. (App Store)

1. Open the application on your phone.

2. Go to “Settings” then “Storage & Data”.

3. Determine the quality of the file download.

If this new functionality is not activated, people will have to do this manually for every photo or video they send.

When a photo or video is in “HD” format, it means it is in high resolution.tion. “HD” is an abbreviation for “High Definition” in English, which translates as High Definition in Spanish. This indicates a higher image resolution Which provides clearer and more detailed display quality compared to standard definition (SD) images.

The exact definition of “HD” may vary depending on context, but generally includes a minimum vertical resolution of 720p (HD Ready), and can include 1080p (Full HD) or even 2160p (Ultra HD or 4K). For higher quality videos and photos.

On both iPhone and Android, you can use the HD photos and videos option. (picture information)

WhatsApp has recently integrated several important improvements in its video calling feature. Users now have the ability to make calls with a larger number of participants, share their screen with audio enabled, and even highlight the keynote speaker during video conferences with multiple participants.

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Larger number of participants

WhatsApp’s latest update allows users to make video calls With up to 32 participants from any device. This means that it is now possible to organize video conferences with this number of people from mobile devices and computers.

Screen sharing

WhatsApp recently added a screen sharing feature in its video calls, where users can select the phone icon using an arrow in the video call list. However, initially it was not possible to share the audio that was displayed on the screen.

It is now possible to share screen in WhatsApp video calls. (WhatsApp)

WhatsApp has announced that it has fixed this issue. Users can now share the screen with audio during video calls. According to Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, This feature is perfect for watching videos with other peopleAllowing for a more complete and collaborative experience in video calls.

Distinguished speaker

WhatsApp has added a new feature called “Distinctive Speaker”, which makes it easier for users to identify who is speaking during a video call.

This feature automatically highlights the person speaking, displaying them closely on the screen. This tool has been specially designed to make communication more efficient and clear. In video conferences with many participants.

WhatsApp has improved the quality of video calls with a new format. (WhatsApp)

In a video call, an important component of audio and video quality is known as the codec. There are several types of codecs, and recently Meta introduced MLow, designed to eliminate noise and echo interference in noisy environments.

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WhatsApp has implemented the MLow codec to improve voice clarity, even in conditions of limited connectivity or on older devices. next to, It ensures that video calls are of higher resolution if the user’s connection allows it.

WhatsApp stated: “We will continue to work tirelessly to improve audio and video quality, so you can make clearer calls wherever you are.”