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What you need to know to drive abroad - sectors - economy

What you need to know to drive abroad – sectors – economy

The first thing to know about this is that there is no “international license or permit”. All Colombians who have Valid driver’s license They can drive abroad, but not in all countries, some need to verify the authenticity of the document.

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that’s what International Leadership Document (PIC), which are processed through the Automobile Club of Colombia (ACC), in accordance with the rules set forth in the World Convention on Road Traffic, agreed at Geneva on September 19, 1949, which authorizes Driving a car in any country in the world that does not have a bilateral agreement with ColombiaExplains Ricardo Morales, President of the ACC.

Colombia has bilateral agreements with Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, France, the United States, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom, that is, you can drive there with a valid license, as long as the time of legal residence in each country. That is, it works, but temporarily and for as long as the trip the landmarks of the city.

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But in other countries such as the United States, France or Germany, it requires International driving license, which is a homologation and translation of the license issued by Colombia by the ACC. This international document must be submitted with the current national license.

In the United States, France or Germany, if the stay is extended for a year or more for justified reasons such as study or work, the local license or its homogeneity must be addressed, according to the requirements of each country, which will include a theoretical and in most cases a practical exam.

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All Colombians with a valid driver’s license can drive abroad.

In other countries such as Japan, due to strict traffic regulations, Colombian driver’s license or any kind of homologation is not accepted. If the traveler requires driving, they must apply for this document with the Department of Transportation in that country.

PIC allows to prove a person’s tourist status without the need to show a passport, and this is only in front of the transport authorities; It is required in the event that the tourist is involved in traffic problems, whether they are violations or accidents.

Insurance companies also require coverage of costs in the event of accidents occurring outside the country and car rental companies.

In Colombia, it was released by the ACC, a body that has the support of the United Nations and the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Valid for one year from the date of its issuance. To be issued, the original ID document and valid driver’s license must be attached, and a 3 x 4 photo with a blue or white background.

The form can be purchased at ACC offices. If the procedure is to be performed by a person other than the interested party, then the authorized authorization at the notary office, consulate or competent entity is required. (In the case of parents or siblings of the interested party, notarized authorization is required). The value of the procedure is $300,000.
You can also do this through the website www.acc.com.co, with digital documents attached.


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