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What to do and how to travel to the Atacama Desert in Chile? Experts.com

It has been chosen on more than one occasion as one of the best destinations to visit and one of the most romantic destinations. With the planet’s driest desert and unique natural attractions, which include everything from the highest geysers on Earth to salt flats, it has also been chosen for astrotourism. What to do and how to travel to the Atacama Desert Chili pepper?

To get to San Pedro de Atacama, you can fly from Santiago de Chile to the city of Antofagasta and then continue the journey overland for about three hours. Also, you can fly to the city of Calama, and from there you will reach your destination in about 45 minutes.

What do you do when traveling to the Atacama Desert? Three different options

One of the unforgettable experiences in San Pedro is going to the hidden lakes in Paltinachy, a perfect place to visit as a couple.

There are 7 salt water lakes, of different sizes, which will certainly impress because of the turquoise color of their water, which contrasts with the white color of the land full of mineral salts.

Afterwards, you can visit the vineyards that grow amidst the aridity of the Atacama Desert and allow for wine production at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level.

Every night there are astronomical tours with explanations of the constellations and high-end telescopes, except on nights when there is a full moon, because the light will not allow a good appreciation of the constellations.

Astronomical observations were made about 10 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama to find clearer skies and to get away from any light pollution. This experience lasts an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes and includes conversations about the Andean view of the world and observations of planets and other celestial bodies.

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Cigar Lake
Cigar Lake in San Pedro de Atacama is famous for its salty water that allows you to float without any effort. Most tour companies run day trips to Laguna Cejar, which is about 19 kilometers from San Pedro. This emerald lake contains high levels of salt and lithium.

Of course, there are many options, such as visiting the Tatio geysers or the Valley of the Moon, as the most popular among tourists. There is no doubt that the Atacama Desert is a destination that must be marked as a must on our wish list.