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What is 'Thanksgiving' and in which countries is it celebrated?  - Finance

What is ‘Thanksgiving’ and in which countries is it celebrated? – Finance

Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, American citizens celebrate Thanks One thanksgiving day, One Most important celebrations From that country, who wants to thank you for everything you have. For Native Americans it was a “generosity of white settlement.”

From the beginning, the intention was there Give thanks for all that you have received in the past year (Health, work, well-being, love). It has its origin in the first meeting British Pilgrims and Native Americans Eat and give thanks.

Appearance of celebration

appearance Celebration The year goes by again 1621when English newcomers in Plymouth (today Massachusetts, USA) and the Wampanoag Indians People who lived there gathered to celebrate the autumn harvest. That dinner is considered the first Thanksgiving in history.

According to English historian Edward Winslow, The The pilgrims met the native Squanto, who helped them survive the harsh winter. Upon harvesting their first corn, the colonists decided to throw a feast to celebrate the event. They invited 90 tribal people who lived with them and brought five deer for food which consisted of duck, goose, deer, shellfish, white bread, corn bread and vegetables.

Since when is it a holiday in America?

President Abraham Lincoln did Official announcement in 1863 (200 years after the first holiday) Americans celebrated the last Thursday of November as a “day of praise and thanksgiving to the Creator.”

Before 1863, presidents declared holidays based on their feelings. Thomas Jefferson never declared Thanksgiving. It wasn’t until Lincoln stepped up and made it an official American holiday.

In 1939 He was ahead Thursday, the fourth of November Former President Franklin Roosevelt aimed to extend the holiday shopping season and stimulate economic activity during the Great Depression.

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What does the celebration consist of?

holiday American (even extending to Canada) is especially rich in legends and symbols Traditional Thanksgiving meal usually includes Stuffed turkey Fruits and vegetables, bread, mashed potatoes, blueberries and pumpkin.