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What happened to Ramon Nunez? This is the new life of the former soccer player

The former Honduran midfielder is remembered for his impressive performances.

What happened to Ramon Nunez? Many Hondurans remember the former footballer for his impressive performance in the Honduran national team shirt.

Ramón Núñez decided to walk away from professional football at a young age in a decision that surprised many Hondurans.

Ramón Núñez decided to settle in the United States after retiring from professional soccer.

Ramon Nunez started his career in the United States and due to his impressive performances, he made it to Europe where he played in England as Leeds United and Scunthorpe United. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stand up as expected.

Ramón Núñez was a member of the 2010 World Cup with the Honduran national team, being one of Bicolor’s personalities during that process.

To the surprise of many, Ramon Nunez decided to stay away from football and chose his university studies in the field of Marketing and Business.

The 2015-16 season was the last time Ramón Nunez played in Honduras for Real Spain. Later he went to the Fort Lauderdale Strikers where he eventually stood down.

The Little Prince decided to establish his life in the United States with his loved ones.

Ramón Núñez decided to enjoy his family after he made the sudden decision to step away from professional football.

Ramon Nunez is currently 37 years old.

Why did you leave early? Ramón Núñez made this decision to spend more time with his family despite the fact that at the time he had several shows.

Ramón Núñez enjoys fishing and shows it on his social networks.

At the time, Ramón Núñez was being considered by television stations such as BeIn Sports to commentate on the matches of the Honduran national team in the United States.

Ramon Nunez has also worked as a sports commentator for ESPN.

Ramon Nunez keeps himself in shape and one of his best friends is former Chapin striker “Pescadeto” Ruiz.

Ramon Nunez decided to step away from football to devote himself to his studies and family.

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