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What happened to Katy Perry's eye in Las Vegas?

What happened to Katy Perry’s eye in Las Vegas?

Katy Perry has her fans worried after a video went viral in which her right eyelid involuntarily closed in a full concert, and although she used her hand to control the movement and keep it open, it didn’t work until after several attempts. (YouTube capture)

That if it’s an android, if a computer isn’t running updates, and that if it’s a failed alien on Earth… there are many theories, one crazier than the other, given what happened with Katy Ayn Perry during a concert in Las Vegas Two days ago.

When she finished the figure, she closed her eyes as if it was an old doll, indifferently raised her tender hand and opened it again. It sure looks like a scene from Stepford wives (2004), but no. What happened to Katy Perry surprises but has an explanation.

the doctor Vanessa Fuentesan ophthalmologist, researcher and digital visual coach warns of the great misinformation that is evident from the flow of notes and content posted on social networks about what happened to the singer, as there has been speculation about a condition that she revealed that she suffered from some time ago.

“It has been said in many media outlets that Katy Perry’s closed look at the Las Vegas party is the product of amblyopia, as she stated that she suffered from this condition on a TV show, but it is necessary to clarify that what is seen in the photos is not this,” says the specialist who specifies thatAmblyopia is also known as lazy eye, which is not well developed in childhood and does not reach 20/20, in which the patient sees better through one eye than the other..

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Amblyopia may cause the affected eye to rotate in or out slightly, but what you see in Video for the October 22 concert It’s another thing, it can be disconcerting and startling, but it’s actually not a serious condition.

“We can see in the video how the singer has a problem with her eyelid, which is an involuntary retraction. Clinically, this is called benign primary blepharospasm of the right eye. This is facial dystonia, that would be the medical term, and there are several types. The most common is the nervous spasm of the eye that we have all had at some time, which is not so noticeable. In this case, the eye closes involuntarily“.

The expert points out that benign primary blepharospasm does not require any specific treatment and does not mean that at some point it will close indefinitely. This disappears on its own.

Benign essential blepharospasm is not related to vision loss and may be the result of stress.  (Getty Creative)

Benign essential blepharospasm is not related to vision loss and can be caused by stress. (Getty Creative)

“It could also be a neurological problem, but it could also be something as simple as There was a lack of lubricant in the eye at that time which could increase the amount of makeup Which I had false eyelashes. but I think The underlying cause, in this case, may be severe stress, fatigue, which is common in these cases“.

The doctor points out that this diagnosis, a benign primary blepharospasm, is not a serious matter, and has nothing to do with amblyopia, because the lack of good vision from one eye does not cause the eyelid to droop in this way and requires rest, in addition to routine procedures to eliminate stress and avoid anxiety.

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This makes it clear that both the disturbing and the funny theories that have been shared are not true. Berry is neither a robot nor an alien, he is simply a celebrity who, like so many others, is under stress with their work exposing them to millions of people around the world.

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