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What does Checo Pérez need to finish second in the F1 Championship?

What does Checo Pérez need to finish second in the F1 Championship?

Mexico City /

The 2022 season subordinate Formula 1 It’s in its final stage and despite the fact that the above Verstappen Already capped in Drivers ChampionshipThe excitement on the circuits of the highest category of motorsport has not stopped yet, because Red Bull will discuss with Sergio Perez Check it out for the first time in its history 1-2 in classification.

How many races are left in the 2022 F1 calendar?

Four races from the end of the activity in The Great F1 CircusMexican progress in 2nd place in the Drivers’ Championship with 253 pointsone more than Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), the competitor he will fight with United States, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Abu Dhabi for the description.

Mexicans and Monacos can aspire to it 112 points maxthe number one can get using 25 points which is awarded for each victory, Four of the fastest laps even Eight in the enemy that will work in Brazilian Grand Prix.

Checo needs to beat Leclerc in the last few races

Although it will not be easy to achieve the four victories in the remaining races, the most important thing for him is In the next races, the Czechs will always be ahead of Leclerc In order to increase the feature a little more.

Another interesting fact about drivers is the average number of points per race: average Tapatio from 13.5 points; while that Leclerc – 13.22 unitsalthough the points in the sprint can make a huge difference between the two.

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What score does Checo need in the US to maintain second place?

  • 1st place (278 points) / 2nd down (up to 270 points)
  • 2nd place (271 points) / 3rd decliner (up to 267 points)
  • 3rd place (268 points) / 4th and below (up to 264 points)
  • 4th place (265 points) / 5th and under (262 points)
  • Fifth place (263 points) / Sixth and below (up to 260 points)
  • 6th place (261 points) / 7th down (down to 258 points)
  • Seventh place (259 points) / eighth and relegation (256 points)
  • Eighth place (257 points) / 9 and relegation (254 points)
  • 9th place (255 points) / 10th and down (up to 253 points)
  • Tenth place (254 points) / outside the top ten (252)