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What do you expect from space tourism?  Tec experts give their opinion

What do you expect from space tourism? Tec experts give their opinion

the last July 11And Richard Branson Soared through the atmosphere in his plane from Virgin Galactics, The 19 of the same month it was a turn Jeff Bezos With blue origin, And This is SeptemberAnd Elon Musk, With SpaceX, plan a Three-day orbital spaceflight.

The Professor Gabriel Carrasco from College of Social Sciences and Government and the Teacher Maria Gabriela Hernandez Hawa subordinate Science Department From Tec Campus Hidalgo, share it Connection Your opinions about The economic, ethical and sustainable aspect subordinate Future space tourism.

It was him 20 July 1969 when and after Almost two decades celebrity space raceAnd The United States put its flag on the moonMake history by becoming The first country to do so.

from that day , Space missions no longer feel like something from another world, in 2021 we have private space companies With increasingly ambitious plans which can be considered a job opportunity.

The The space race in the twenty-first century he is spatial tourism, in which companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactics They put their hands on the fire to become The first to introduce commercial spaceflight For people who are not necessarily astronauts.

New job?

a space company who – which Selling trips to tourists to know the space, Is it profitable?

There are a large number of people who are willing to pay for space travel, according to the sources Branson reported, they have about 600 people in the queue to fly to the stratosphere on Virgin Galactic flights, each potential passenger willing to pay $250,000 ” Professor Carrasco commented.

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On the other hand, after in April this year The NASA Signboard Contract worth $2.9 billion With Elon Musk Why SpaceX builds a spacecraft To go to color, The Jul 26 Jeff Bezos, Founder blue originAnd Offered 2 billion for the same contract; Bezos argued who – which Your mission represents a better strategy, but NASA continues to work with SpaceX.

SpaceX has signed a contract with NASA to build a spacecraft and go to the moon

Although now We can’t know right away And will become employment big business or notWe know that The opportunities in outer space are enormous, And it really will be interesting Watch Progress in the next few years.

Is it sustainable?

distance Successful landing of Bezos, the main theme of Opinion He was pollution, to what extent will it affect the travels in space The climate change And if they are? Sustain these types of missions. The Professor Hua Open:

Any combustion pollutes the atmosphere, however, for several years now, a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from water has been used to launch rockets and is even believed to use ‘green hydrogen’, so called because it is obtained from natural sources. “

It’s also important to know Hydrogen gas production is not an easy task, wanted Industrial quantities of electrical energy Depending on the fuel required and in this combustion, Contaminated small particles what’s left Trapped in the atmosphere for years.

The spaceships logically Yes, they pollute, but And to a lesser extent of commercial aircraft, because of Absence of use Fossil fuels.

This is correct?

“Man has always had the intention not only to conquer the world, but also to conquer space,” Professor Hua added

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It’s hard to try to put it Balance the progress that space tourism means for humanity and the negative impact it can have with the current climate changeHowever, it is encouraging to see it every day More companies they are working in a sustainable way; Teslaby Elon Musk himself He is one of them.

The balance between human progress and the impact of climate

The industrial Revolution bring us Technological developments Unthinkable, but in very high cost. must be priority from these companies billionaires protect natural resources What the earth offers, it advances sustainable method.

Finally, Professor Carrasco commented: “I’m no aeronautics expert, but from an economic perspective it’s very interesting to note that private companies have taken the initiative to make commercial manned flights into outer space.”

And so we’ll see, for now, there’s nothing left but to watch and Find out what it will be the first a company to cheat Race.