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What are the best universities in the world? Check out the Chilean institutions that appear in the ranking

August 26, 2022 – 11:00 PM

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)published a thousand best universities in the world, after evaluating 2500 study houses on the planet in different regions.

Some Chilean universities are located in also known Shanghai rankingbecause it is being implemented by the Chinese consulting firm Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

Since 2003, the list has been drawn up, taking into account variables such as Nobel Prizes and medals from the Fields Sports Prize, from each university; Cite researchers, articles published in closely related media (such as nature or science), texts in key citation indexes and an individual’s academic performance.

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What are the best universities in the world?

In the first place is Harvard university, United States, a position he has held since the first ARWU. Notable fields include biomedical engineering, environmental science and engineering, biotechnology, life sciences, human life sciences, clinical medicine, public health, and medical technology.

Second place is also from the United States, with Stanford Universityfeaturing topics such as computer science engineering, energy science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, statistics, political science, physics, chemistry, electrical and electronic engineering.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)from the United States, ranks third, outperforming physics, automation and control, computer science engineering, chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry, electrical and electronic engineering, and biotechnology.

What are the Chilean universities in the ranking?

University of Chile

According to ARWU, the best Chilean university is University of Chilewhich is ranked 401-500 globally and fifth in Latin America.

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“It is the most famous university in Chile and the largest among public universities”confirms the classification, stressing that the university has decisively contributed to the development of the country since 1842.”

The strongest public campus fields are mining and mineral engineering, transportation, science and technology, mathematics, veterinary sciences, dentistry and oral sciences.

“The leadership that the University has maintained over two decades in this important classification, which unlike others is an objective, evidence-based measurement, is an advantage of the university community, and especially the academic body, which contributes to the generation of knowledge and the training of people in a wide range of disciplines” Enrique Isn’tVice-Chancellor for Research and Development at the University of Chile, according to LUN.

Pontifical Catholic University

occupies second place Pontifical Catholic University (PUC)which ranks from 501 to 600 in the world, and is distinguished in the areas of transportation, science and technology, medical technology, education, communications and economic sciences.

“In recent years, the university’s leadership in research and graduate programs has had a significant impact on the cultural and scientific development of the country. Other achievements include a large number of inventions in chemistry (copper refining process), in engineering (induction furnace) and in medicine (vaccines).”

On his part, the university president said, William Marshallhe stated that “at the global level, the University of California appears very well in the rankings, mainly because the standing of its academics is very high at the international level.”

Andres Bello University

The Andres Bello University It ranks third in Chile and at podium 901-1000 globally, and stands out in veterinary science.

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“Our distinction in this ranking is not accidental, because for years we have been an institution that has chosen research as one of the hallmarks of our educational project,” said the university president. Julio Castro.

Concepcion University

Finally, and in fourth place nationally, is Concepcion Universitywhich falls in classification 901-1000, and stands out in fields such as oceanography, geography, atmospheric science, and veterinary science.

We are one of the universities doing state-of-the-art research in the country,” said the Director of Strategic Development, Georg Dresdner.

“We have strong research groups in mining engineering, ocean sciences, mathematics, environment, veterinary sciences, earth sciences, agricultural sciences and chemical engineering, which align with some of the topics that typically appear in this ranking,” he said.

You can review the full ranking list at this link.

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