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What are the best paying careers in the US?

What are the best paying careers in the US?

A choice with professions that ensure high income.

For an exam college life, there are several points that come into play. Personal skills and interests are the wrong guide to the right decision. But, in addition, the Job opportunities These are points that should not be overlooked. As a guide for a good decision, we collect in this note Best Paying Careers America.

These specialties go beyond guaranteeing a salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and allow them to continue their education in that country.

A common feature of these alternatives compiled on the Word Maestra site is that they Relating to the advancement of some specialized field of health, informatics or engineering.

Tech-related career opportunities confirm PHOTO INA FASSBENDER for AFP.

Best salary in USA

These are options selected through the Best University Careers Guide.

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

These specialized graduates are responsible for developing hardware and software. They may be involved in both microprocessor development and computer circuit design.

Salary can be up to US$100,000 per year.

Petroleum Engineering

It has the best economic plan in America and many parts of the world. Its experts are involved in the extraction and processing of both the raw materials.

Salary in the United States is US$92,500 per year and may rise based on years of experience.

Health-related careers pay well in the United States Photo Shutterstock
Health-related careers pay well in the United States Photo Shutterstock

Metallurgical Engineering

Graduates of this career research and design. They also enable large-scale extraction of various metals or minerals.

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Salary starts at US$79,000 per year.

Operational research

It is also known as Management Science. It uses models, statistical analysis and algorithms to predict and compare results. In addition, they are responsible for the direction and control of all its internal operations.

Salary is US$78,500 per annum.


In the United States, healthcare workers have good recognition in their salaries.

Doctors are well paid and earn a salary of US$75,500 per year.

With this information, it will be easier to decide on university life choices.

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