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What are 170,000 USD worth of 1 dollar bills?

What are 170,000 USD worth of 1 dollar bills?

A typographical error that triggers your quote on specialty sites.

The discovery of Rupee notes of dollar With some typographical errors or very specific characteristics became a rage on the Internet. New desirable models appear constantly and the prices of their quotations rise dramatically.

In hard statues, there are those models $1 It sells for US $170,000 on E-bay.

The value of misprinted one-dollar bills is up to $170,000.

The only known fact about these treasures, according to a report by El Comercio de Peru, is that their printing date is 1995 and that they contain a printing error. The screenshot looks like it’s faded in a part of it, though that’s a fault with the series.

Dollar Bills, Collector's Obsession Photo f:SA.
Dollar Bills, Collector’s Obsession Photo f:SA.

Also, if you have a copy of this date and with the characteristics already mentioned, it is recommended that you make appropriate inquiries with two collectors and compare the answers.

An encouraging message, adds the same note, is that these banknotes are still in circulation. It would not be strange to imagine that they were damaged by passing from hand to hand, and that none of their owners imagined the excessive value they could attain.

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